Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Unpacking, Donating, Selling and Minimalism

The last few days we have been unpacking. Things are getting unpacked and coming together. We did some sorting and getting rid of unneeded stuff on the other end but definitely could have done more. On this end we are rather ruthlessly attacking the problem.

Our place here has more living space but less storage space. We are continuing to embrace a bit of minimalism. A lot of it to me is just about getting rid of stuff we do not use or need. That we move regularly definitely brings this issue to the forefront. If you have ever helped somebody who has lived in a large house for more than a decade move you know that people will fill the space they have.

Unpacking our entire household worth of stuff is a terrible hassle great opportunity to really go through what we have. The rather obvious categories for unpacking were keep, sell, donate and trash. Keep is self explanatory. Stuff to sell are things that should sell and bringing enough money to merit the time and energy that involves. Donate stuff are things that other people can use but may not sell easily or won't bring enough money to justify the hassle. This stuff will go to the good will. Trash is also self explanatory.

Of the stuff we choose not to keep most of it is going to donation or trash. Maybe this is because we tend to use things until (or arguably past) their optimal life. If you buy something used and keep it until that item is really used the resale is not great. Also that we are really tired of dealing with junk could be a factor.

Maybe saying that we are flirting with minimalism isn't quite accurate. It might be more correct to say that we are trying to get to a point where we only have things with a purpose that tend to be used regularly. Also we wanted to get rid of all sorts of junk and simplify our lives! We are most of the way unpacked and have gotten rid of approximately 30 cubic feet of stuff. That is clothes that haven't been worn in ages, books that do not get read and all kinds of junk.

We still have (and will keep) some redundancy in important stuff. Warm serviceable clothes, sleeping gear, blankets, tools, weapons and so forth. The significant distinction (and what I have been working on) is to store the right stuff instead of all sorts of junk. There is a significant difference between having several pair of fatigues and or sturdy work clothes put away and a bunch of too small/ worn out/ soiled clothes whose highest future is as shop rags.

Once household stuff gets figured out in the next couple days gear/ tools/ survivalist junk will begin to get organized. This stuff doesn't need the keep/sell/donate/toss treatment so much. It is just in dire need of organization and inventories. Going through everything, putting it into like groups and useful systems and the like. We will talk more about this later.

Anyway that is what's going on here.

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