Sunday, October 21, 2012

Walking Dead: Zombie Prison Fun

Warning Spoiler Alert. If you haven't seen last weeks episode and this weeks one I recommend not reading further.

For whatever reason I didn't end up talking about last weeks episode. Things started off with the crew hitting a house to scavenge. Clearly they have gained some experience and developed some SOP's. Things between Lori and Rick are not going so well. They could probably use a counselor or something. Also they seem better armed probably with a couple more pistols and a new under folder AK. They got to the prison and started clearing it out. Things were going well until Hershel got bit in the lower leg by a Walker. They were in the midst of amputating his leg with a hatchet when the camera flashed to a group of decisively not Zombie prisoners. Taking the one guy with serious medical skills out to go Zombie killing was probably a mistake but hindsight is 20/20.

Today I am going to write free form whatever thoughts come to my mind while watching the show.

Onto the new episode. The standoff between the prisoners and Rick's group ended quickly when they took Hershel and left. Rick's crew have more guns (but are not doing to great on ammo) but the other group are all healthy youngish men and have been at the prison for awhile. This could get interesting.

 Rick's group catching the prisoners up on the last several months was pretty interesting. Also it was a very good ruse to get them out of the cell block where the rest of their group was.

The negotiations between the two groups were interesting. As always negotiating from a position of strength was beneficial. The decision was made that they would split the remaining food and Rick's group would help the prisoners clear out their own cell block.

I am not sure how the two groups coexisting will go. In a Zombie Apocalypse more people, especially healthy men is better. On the other hand you have got to be able to trust the folks you are sharing a foxhole with. There is a nasty part of me that says it would be better to fight on my own terms than risk a fight when the odds are less in my favor.

Carl went off alone and found the infirmary to get supplies for Hershel and the upcoming child birth.  He boasted about killing two walkers. Is anybody ever going to watch that kid? The answer seems to be no.

One of the prisoners gets scratched by a Walker. In the midst of the debate on what to do their groups leader kills him. It is a plus that he realizes the seriousness of the situation but he may be trouble. On the bright side for Rick's group he seems to have gone through 3 of the presumably 5 rounds in that little S&W snubby. A couple minutes later he tries to kill Rick who gets saved by Daryl. Rick then puts a machete into the dudes head. Seems that he will no longer be a problem. Rick then chased one of the prisoners into the not cleared cell block and ended up locking him in a courtyard full of Walkers to, judging by the screams, be eaten. Unfortunate as it was the whole Shane thing seems to have hardened Rick's heart which probably isn't a bad thing.

The remaining two prisoners were put into their cell block as agreed upon. One of them is either a really good actor or an easy going guy and the other could be a problem. This relationship between the two groups probably isn't going to end well.

Carol seems to be coming into her own and her relationship with Daryl may be about to turn a corner. I suppose one of the plus sides about a relatively large cast is that characters can grow and replace those who die. Not really a consideration on the usual sitcom but in shows like The Walking Dead, Lost, The Soprano's or Sons of Anarchy it is a big plus.

The episode finished with Rick and Lori talking and trying to get to a decent place. This is good as for better or worse they are stuck together.

Not sure if I will make this a regular feature. Sort of depends if it interests you all so please let me know either way.


Anonymous said...

I was hoping that they would show more of the blond lady and the black samurai. From the preview it looks like they run into a group thats really got their shit together.

LL said...

I know that it's just a show, and nobody asked me, however -- what's wrong with simply occupying a Costco or Sam's Club (no windows, sturdy doors) and eating, drinking and so forth until the place is used up and moving on to the next warehouse store? You can drive your cars through the front roll up doors.

Or am I making it too simple?

Ideally a Costco that is next door to a Cabella's or a Bass Pro Shop so that you also have a practically endless supply of arrows and ammo.

Ragnar said...

To LL:

No, you are not making things too simple. It is the exception when these people use common sense. That is what happens when you take a comic book, excuse me, graphic novel and turn it into a movie or television show. Start with the opening credits, who besides Rick, would ride toward Atlanta thinking it was safe when all the cars are headed in the other direction? I stopped watching when they were searching for the little girl and they all walked down the same trail instead of spreading out.

For those of you who like the show, I mean no offense. It just isn't for me.

2heavyb said...

I convinced my wife to look past the zombies and to the group dynamics. That's the real reason I watch the show. I mean really, those of us that frequent these type of sites need to realize everybody doesn't think like we do. You will have family and friends join up with you at a retreat and possibly others who don't have the same perspective. Strong leadership is a must BUT, an "Iron Fist" isn't always necessary IMHO.

Commander_Zero said...

You know, I have a theory.

When Carol tries to get close to Daryl he not only pushes her away but does his best to completely alienate her and piss her off. He keeps to himself and rarely has any interactions with the women. My wife thinks he has tremendous 'issues' related to his mom, or lack thereof. However, I'm starting to think that he's actually gay and trying to stay as deeply closeted as possible.

Speaking of women, didja notice how they made sure not to mention to the prisoners that they had women?

Ryan said...

12:07, I expect that in the next 2-3 episodes.

LL, A bit more strategy in their scavenging would probably make sense.

Ragnar, To each their own.

2heavyb, There is some of that. The group dynamics and how folks work together (and fail to do so) have been interesting.

CZ, Dunno. I suspect both of those two characters would have significant issues. He might be doing the best he can. Didn't pick up the gay angle but I guess it's possible.

Yes I did catch that.

Commander_Zero said...

I would just like to point out my comment in this post at 2:49P about Daryll being gay and juxtapose it with this link that is all over the internet:

Theother Ryan said...

Zero, I saw some stuff about that lately. Honestly the dude is a totally bad assed redneck surviving in the Zombie Apocalypse which I dig; so I don't really care who he desires to make the sexy time with.

Though I agree with the Mrs that he has real Mommy and or women issues.

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