Sunday, October 14, 2012

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

Most of the past week was spent on real life stuff like getting settled here. Wifey and Walker flew down (to stay) and I picked them up yesterday. Very glad to have them here. Now we are furiously working on getting unpacked.

In terms of preparedness stuff the main thing is that I started doing regular dry fire practice. Had a few bucks lying around so I ordered Mike Seeklander's book "Your Competition Handgun Training Program", Starting Strength and a nice set of those impact sports electronic earmuffs.

Our scale came and I am pleased to say I am down a couple pounds.  It sucks but the saying that "you can't outrun the fork" is true. Drinking significantly less beer and eating better, both in terms of food choices and portions, seems to be working. Go figure.

Anyway that is what has been going on here. 


Anonymous said...

Just read a nifty snap cap for .22lr that is inexpensive. Those plastic wall anchors for screws (drill pilot hole, insert anchor and then screw) according to link is great snap cap. Size: #4-6 x 7/8". Just passing along.

Scott M said...

This weekend I held a 22lr competition with several stages with distances from 25 - 120 yards. Wind was around 20mph so it was a little difficult. Instead of telling my family and friends (tribe) that they need to become better with marksmanship, I let them show themselves how bad they were. It was very eye opening to several of them.

Max said...

I'm glad you and the family are getting settled in.
Good job on dropping a few pounds, it's never super easy especially if you have a good cook in the house!

LyndaKay said...

Scott M - clever way to get family to practice more and not take their skills for granted.

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