Monday, October 22, 2012

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

Aside from running, lifting and trying with moderate success to eat healthy most energy this week went to unpacking our place. I got the last of my crazy junk out the living room and into the right places this weekend which was good. Also dry fire practice continued.

We started stocking up on some emergency food in a small way with #10 of rice and beans, some peanut butter and a few of those small canisters of propane. We did some used stuff hunting where a wool blanket was found. A sweet new pistol mag pouch came home from the gun shop. 

Considering the amount of time that went into unpacking I am pretty happy with this week's progress.

A bit of tab clearing:
Massive Silver withdrawals from COMEX. Look folks, if you are purchasing gold or silver for inflation/ default protection it is essential that you take physical possession. The only circumstances I can see owning 'certificates' or 'metals stored in a vault' or 'precious metals ETF's' is if you are trading it as a commodity like copper or pork bellies or whatever. In that situation the costs associated with shipping, as well as buying and selling physical metals would really hurt your margins.

Overly Manly Man is a short coffee break's worth of entertainment.

Oleg Volk wrote a great post titled The Mid-Directed Fetish of Marksmanship.

Chris Costa of Magpul fame and lately Costa Ludis is putting out a zombie firearms training series called Operation Z. Got to like a guy who run's a gun like crazy, has a sense of humor and doesn't take himself too seriously.

Well it is time for me to make breakfast. Hope all of your Monday's are as good as they can be.


Anonymous said...

I would not do "paper silver" period.

Along with the article hyperlinked in the blog, there are plenty of other online sources that strongly hint at big games going on behind the scenes where the "little man" will eventually be screwed over in the end.

Not sure about you, but I don't have money to gamble playing these games.

Take physical possession of your silver or do not do silver at all. It's the safe way to buy silver.

Thanks for the silver link.

Ryan said...

@8:33, Yeah I do not gamble with commodities and am a big believer in physical possession.

Grog said...

Bought more vittles for storage and shredded a campaign donation letter from romney.

Tony said...

Bought another ACOG scope for the AR-15 backup battle rifle, which finally completes all the weapons needs, as I may pick up some extra mags for barter, as I find them on sale.
Started to build another AR-15 lower, I always have a backup lower built on hand.
Started buying my silver rounds finally.
Bought the Crovel Extreme shovel, well built but too heavy for a BOB.
Bought an iPad with the teardrop tuff case for reading material and downloads.
Unfortunately had to replace my wash machine this week too, expensive week, just another unexpected cost we all seem to experience.
Researched how to convert my electronic safe to manual combination safe in preparation of an EMP, as when I bought my safe, didn't know about EMPs back then.

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