Saturday, November 3, 2012

Busy Saturday: Night Sights, Good Food and Big Fun

Today we were all over the place. This morning we went to the farmers market in town. It was pretty small but was still fun. We got some pistachios and kiddo got a cookie. Ran down to Wally World for a garden hose and picked up some .357 ammo to help fill that shortage and a Blackhawk holster for the Glock 19. After taking it home and fiddling with it I wasn't very happy. The retention seems to be some weird little plastic thing that seems really flimsy. It will get returned on our next trip there.

Recently Tam talked about some night sights. Since I like stealing borrowing ideas from folks who are more knowledgable than me on a given subject and I needed some night sights for my heater a set were ordered. They showed up the other day and I took them to the local gun shop for installation. I should order the tools to do this sort of thing myself but it would probably take forever to recoup the costs. Anyway they were nice enough to put them on right away and didn't charge me anything. These folks understand building relationships and the concept of a loss leader. Since I owed them one and needed some things anyway one of those new 25 round .22 magazines and a Galco Matrix paddle holster came home with me. Both were on the list so it was an easy decision. For small purchases a local dealers slightly higher price is less than shipping anyway. The sites seem quite nice, fast to acquire but still capable of deliberate shots.

We also checked out the local food coop which was great. They had all sorts of interesting food and homeopathic/ alternative medicine stuff. After that we hit a new park which was big fun for the kid. Shortly therafter we went home to make dinner and were in for the night.

Anyway lots of fun stuff happened and the Glock has sweet new sights.

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