Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fitness Conversation is Migrating

My various ramblings on fitness will now be conducted at Work Out Plan. Also I will keep track of workouts and various other fitness metrics there. It is going to be apolitical and entirely fitness oriented. The only real overlap with this blog, aside from the schmo who writes both, will be that it is my take on preparing yourself physically for all manner of challenges that life as a soldier or potentially a survivalist or guerrilla could include.

The format will be regular posts of exercise I have conducted and intermittent ramblings on philosophies of fitness, setting up a program and tips/ tricks. I will not spend much time there to be honest just enough to jot down whatever happened that day and occasionally some writing so please do not expect anything huge.

Figured you all might want to know. Go there if you want or not.


Arctic Patriot said...


I'll link it at my Painspace site!

Ryan said...

Yeah cool, I'll do the same. Pretty much stole your idea anyway.

Anonymous said...

Good idea, since basically it was you, and the AARs at Mosby's site that lit a fire under me about more PT.

Best Regards,

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