Saturday, November 3, 2012

National Buy Ammo Day Coming Up Fast

National Buy Ammo day is coming up on 5 November (or maybe 19 Nov, the net is not conclusive). It is a good time to look at your inventories and see about filling any gaps. Ammo is not cheap but it is available and unlikely to really get cheaper. You can stack cases of .223, 9mm ball and defense ammo, .22lr, a 12 gauge buckshot. Depending on your caliber choices (yours, friends and family) 7.62x39, .308 and .45acp as well as maybe .40 S&W are good ways to go. Don't forget some ammo cans to put it all into.

Look at your budget and don't do anything crazy. Spending next weeks grocery money on bullets would not be smart. If a quarter case of .223 or buckshot are what you can afford then do that. A small order here and another there ads up to a solid stash of ammo faster than you would think.

I strongly encourage you to support Lucky Gunner because they support this blog. That relationship aside they are a pretty awesome company. First and foremost they don't play the take your order and money for products they do not have 'back order' without telling you game. If they sell it they actually have it in stock. Secondly they consistently have very competitive prices. Lastly they charge fair shipping prices. For these reasons far more money has gone from me to them for bullets than has gone the other way.

Go to their site, look around and if there is something you need then purchase it. Be a good consumer and check other prices but it is probably a waste of time because their prices quite competitive.

Anyway happy almost National Buy Ammo Day.

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