Thursday, November 15, 2012

Over One MILLION Page Views!

Today the blog passed one million page views. This is a pretty big milestone for me. Coming into this with some useful skills helped. Also at the time things got going I had a lot of spare time which was very useful. If you can't work smart then working HARD is a decent alternative. Between my efforts and the help of some great bloggers like Jim Rawles of Survival Blog and Commander Zero and too many more to list things grew over time.

Over the last several years my life has changed a lot. Graduated college, married a great woman I totally do not deserve, went to "the dark side", learned so many things I don't know where to start, had a son and deployed again, this time to Afghanistan.

A lot of my growing up has been reflected in the blog. It may be a little less fun sometimes as rants are rare these days heck I can't remember the last time I cursed at somebody on here. However it is probably a more productive place in terms of helping people get prepared.

It has been a long, strange and wonderful trip.I have really enjoyed meeting some great people who happen to be really serious survivalists. Almost every day I learn something cool. I learn so much cool stuff from you guys that there is just no way to action it all. In a mess of word files and tables I have all sorts of ideas just waiting for time and money to action them. If you all have picked up half as much good info as I have then my job is being done well here.

At times like these it is good to look forward. Things are moving in the direction of gun stuff because firearms training is going to be a bigger part of my life for awhile. Food storage is where a lot of our money and a decent amount of our time is going. Being able to bring you all cool contests is something I enjoy and hope to keep doing better and better.

Well I am pretty happy about this. Back to normal posting tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Good for you! Use that well-deserved pay raise to fund more beans & bullets.


Anonymous said...

TSLR is one of my daily attitude adjustments. Learned a lot from you, and grateful for it.


Anonymous said...

Ryan, congrats on the big milestone. It is amazing at your (apparent) age how fast things can change.

I often learn something new, or at least a new angle on something old, from your posts. Even if I don't learn anything, they are always enjoyable.

I know what you mean by the one you "totally do not deserve." I lucked out the same way myself. Feel blessed and be thankful for "Wifey and Kiddo", keep up the good work, and THANKS for the blog.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! Wishing you a million more views,

Sam, not in the trailer park

Andrew J. Jackson said...


Congratulations, amazing feat!

Keep it up, your efforts are appreciated.

gutscheine zum ausdrucken said...

sehr guter Kommentar

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