Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Panic Buying Vs Stocking Up

As discussed before I do not believe in panic buying. I prefer to stock up. There are several key differences. The first is that panic buying goes on election cycles of 2 or 4 years while stocking up is constant. Also panic buying typically implies a lack of thought out consideration and instead relies on emotions which usually aren't the best way to make big decisions.

After the election I thought about picking up a bunch of different stuff. Before making a purchase that night I decided to sleep on it. The simple decision to stick with the plan I already had was evident as the right answer. Want to know what I purchased instead? .22 mags as they had been identified as a shortage.
My confidence that the Ruger 10/22 and Buckmark can stay functioning in their semi automatic glory has improved greatly.

The point isn't so much about what stuff to get or not get. It is about how and why to purchase it. Stock up on .223 because you like it's commonality or the way that your rifle handles not because somebody said it is good to have. Stash plenty of .380 if you rely on one of them because that ammo supply seems particularly thin. Buy an AR upper in 6.8 because you like it's ballistics not because somebody talked about it in a magazine. The point is to purchase a case of 9mm hollow points because you want to have them not because maybe somebody might try to ban them down the road.

Figure out what you want to have and work towards it. Be reasonable and focus on the long term. The simple math inherently favors a long term consistent viewpoint. Most folks cannot just go out and buy a semi automatic handgun and a semi automatic rifle or two, a bunch of mags and a couple cases of ammo to feed them one Friday after work. These folks either go home empty handed or with less than what they want in this scenario. On the other hand if you picked up a handgun a couple years back and a rifle last year there is plenty of time to save up for these weapons as well as all the ammo to feed them. Of course it is still important to be reasonable; an FN Scar and a Nighthawk .45 are not in the cards if you are a single income family pulling in 40k a year, but with some planning a Glock and an AR could work.

I can't tell you how many guns will fill your families needs and wants. A pistol, centerfire rifle, shotgun and .22 is a good start. A pistol and rifle per adult family member as well as the aforementioned .22 and shotgun is a solid place to be. However exactly what will work for you is something you've got to figure out. I also cannot say exactly how much ammo you should get to feed these guns. You have to figure that out for yourself but the time to do it is not while freaking out over an election.

Spend your limited resources smartly.


Arctic Patriot said...

I panic-bought a Saiga-12 once. It put me in a bind at the time. I am glad I have it, but its purchase could have been smoother had I not jumped.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking a hide-out sized handgun is also very important. There will likely be a time when you have to go out and public and have to conceal the fact you are armed. snub nose revolver or mini automatic, take your pick.

Ryan said...

AP, The right thing at the wrong time can be a problem for awhile.

5:08, I suppose we would have to come to a common definition of hide out to really narrow down the conversation. If you are only going to have one handgun it should be concealable within your lifestyle. A snubby .38/.357 or a compact auto like a Glock 19 or comparable XD/ M&P is a good option.

Also (something I do not have) a really little pistol like a tiny .380, .22 or whatever can at times be useful.

Anonymous said...

The really little pistol you mention is of what I speak - Kel-Tec P3AT or P32 or similar, something which can be missed at a random pat down. Mouse gun is apt description, but it beats a harsh look by a mile.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Ryan said...

@5:08, I agree with your sentiments. If it works out I would like to have one within a year or maybe a year and a half.

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