Friday, November 2, 2012

Range Report: BCM Middy and ACOG Plus Battle Comp Discussion

Today the stars aligned and I was able to take Project AR Upgrade my mostly new rifle out to the range.

Getting zeroed was sort of interesting. The range was very well run but busy and thus not conducive to the fire 3 rounds, look, adjust, repeat method I am used to. The ACOG was not powerful enough to see holes in the plain targets I had brought and waiting 15-20 minutes to go check my shot group wasn't going to work. Several folks there had high powered bino's or spotting scopes. Thankfully there were some barely shot targets that are the ones which show yellow after being shot lying around. Those combined with my scope were a workable combo to make rough adjustments and get pretty close. Pretty quickly things got going. A crosswind did not help matters any. After the ACOG was as good as it was getting today my attention turned to the Magpul BUIS. Thankfully that was pretty easy and it is definitely good enough for a backup.

So today the rifle ended up with a redneck zero aka probably good enough at about 3 MOA. Realistically that fills any needs I have for the gun. Got to figure out the logistics but I will finish zeroing and reconfirm at 100 meters at a later date. I think the rifle is capable of at least 2 MOA.

The rifle was great to shoot. What people say about the mid length gas system being less harsh than the carbine length is in my totally unscientific opinion true. This thing was just great to shoot. Though the .223 cartridge is not known for recoil this rifle is particularly mild.

Commander Zero was curious about my thoughts on the Battle Comp. I've got to say this is sort of hard as I do not have a control sample. I've shot all sorts of AR's but do not have a 14.5 in BCM middy with a standard A2 flash hider to shoot alongside my gun. That being said I like it a lot. Zero muzzle rise, just the slight backwards movement of recoil. This made for the rifle very fast to get back onto target. The difference in sound seems negligible for the firer. It might be loud nearby but there were too many folks shooting rifles at once to really tell.

[It is important to remember what I am doing here. A totally functional 14.5in flat top AR-15 was already in the gun safe. I am building the nice, very durable rifle that I want. Money is a consideration but not the primary driving factor. This project was in unfunded limbo for a long time and some saving plus a couple recent gun sales (M1 Garand, 1911, Coach gun) made it possible. A significant consideration in building this rifle is that I do not want to be changing it in 2-3 years. Buy once, cry once if you will.]

I went with a Battle Comp for a couple reasons. First everybody who has one or has used one seemed to like it. Reading up on this stuff on the net I didn't hear a single bad thing about them which is almost unheard of. Second since it had to be permanently attached I wanted to do it right. Also there is the added bonus that they look cool. The battle comp wasn't cheap but was money well spent. I wouldn't spend the money to put one onto a budget gun but if I was building another nice AR it would get one.

As to the inevitable question of whether a Battle Comp is worth the money. It really depends on your budget and goals. Somebody on a tight budget who picked up a $650 Smith and Wesson M&P and worked extra shifts to put an Aimpoint Pro on top should just stick with the standard flash hider. That guy would be better off with a few more PMAGs and a quarter case of good .223 ammo. On the other hand for a person putting some money into a nicer rifle I would say the Battle Comp is a good choice. If you can stomach the price I doubt you will be upset about a Battle Comp living on the end of your rifle.

Anyway that is today's range report. Shooting is fun.


Anonymous said...

I've been running a Battlecomp on a 16" carbine for just shy of two years, I believe.

They are simply awesome, IMO.

For quick follow-ups, they are second to none.

It would be my #1 choice on an AR.


Ryan said...

AP, Agreed.

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