Sunday, November 25, 2012

Red Dawn 2012 and Random Thoughts Theiron

I saw the new Red Dawn this weekend and had some random thoughts that didn't quite fit into the review format. In no particular order:

1) However unlikely a Chinese North Korean invasion might be getting out of town before travel was restricted would be a matter of a minutes not hours. Grabbing your family (if they are home), some bug out bags, weapons and go boxes then getting on the road would be about the best case you could hope for. There is no way you could load up a dozen guns, 20 ammo cans full of 9mm, .38 special , .223, .308, a years supply of food, boxes of camping gear and clothes even if that stuff was organized and ready to go, let alone if it is strewn all over the place. This is a compelling reason for people worried about the Chinese North Koreans invading or who for whatever other reason have a concern that is best suited to bugging out (lets not argue this point here) should probably have a large percentage of their stuff already at that location.

2) For me personally it was a harsh reminder to always wear functional clothes outside of the home. Footwear more specifically wearing sturdy serviceable shoes instead of beach wear on my feet when away from home is the right answer. I just plain need to suck it up and do better.

3) This was a reminder to think about the stuff I carry around every day. In general I am pretty happy with my current plan. I always have a knife and a lighter and have a pistol, reload and light whenever possible. The light could be addressed as my LED Lenser just sucks batteries without even really being used. They are going dead after 5-7 days and if the light is used for more than 10 minutes over that time it would surprise me. I think there has to be some sort of a draw keeping the juice flowing. Probably going to replace it with a Streamlight or Surefire whenever my crazy (my 'crazy fund' not talking about our overall finances) fund builds back up a bit. My EDC bag also has a bunch of goodies and it is either on my back, sitting next to me or in the car.

4) Going along with #1 having a plan with family and close friends is important. If I think we are meeting at the cabin and they think we are going to deer camp there could be a problem.

Well those are my thoughts on that.


Chris said...

Re point 2/clothes:

DW and I always like to joke about "disaster appropriate footwear" when we watch these kind of movies. Sure enough it seems like someone gets caught in their high heals or flip flops when things go crazy.

We keep a change of disaster appropriate clothing including boots and extra socks in the trunk of the car and in our offices. Add an extra bag in the winter. The $3 east german backpacks on Cheaper than Dirt work perfectly for this purpose. Occasionally if you surf around you can find surplus GI boots for $20, or hit up GoodWill, or retire a pair of old worn hiking boots to the office bag.

Honestly backup clothes and "EDC" type stuff (multitools, flashlights, cold weather hats & gloves, etc) have been the most useful things in my emergency kits. I'd say I break into them once every few months for something or another.

Anonymous said...

I saw the movie Thanksgiving Day - it was okay. Definitely some twists on the original 80's version. That was an interesting thought on communications occuring after an EMP - how DID they do that, Faraday cage I guess.

Max said...

I gave up beach footwear a couple years ago. While it's certainly more comfortable than real shoes, they suck functionally.
Even when in Mexico I wear real shoes unless at the pool. horrible footwear can turn a bad situation into a horrible one. Real fast.

Anonymous said...

There were enough plot holes to drive a Nork air armada through, not least of which is whether 100 paratransports get 11000 MPG, but it was still better fare than most of the swill at the theatre.

John Milius, being a 2d Amendment loving gun-arsenal-owning red-blooded American (watch "The Wind and The Lion" if you doubt me) would have gotten all the details right the 2d time too, but it was still entertaining.

My takeaway was that if fate so smiles on you as to drop paratroopers on your street, take a lesson from St. Mere Eglise, shoot then on their way down, strip their assault weapons and ammo, and THEN unass the DZ. Better yet, in one of their humvees that you stole too.

And if a bad guy leader's in your telescopic sight, take the shot. Waiting till a more opportune moment just gets your dad killed, and the Norks aren't renowned for adaptive leadership by subordinates, especially if they have to pause to scrape Dear Leader's brains out of their eyes before returning fire.


Anonymous said...

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