Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sick Household Blues

We are down with a nasty stomach bug. Thankfully this is not the Oregon Trail or kid #6 would be toast for sure. Seriously kids on that show are like the random guys who went to the planet with Kurt and Spoc on Star Trek.

My gratitude for endless clean water as well as waste removal and modern over the counter drugs like knock off Imodium AD and Pepto Bismol as well as the re hydrating power of Gatorade is impossible to express. Unfortunately Wifey is pretty far along in the pregnancy so her medical choices are far more limited. Kiddo puked once and had a mild case of the runs but today is just fine.

Hopefully this clears up pretty quick because both adults down the the count and a crazy 2 year old is a rough combination. Anyway I hope your Saturday is going a lot better than ours is.


Anonymous said...

FWIW sir, there are commonly two phases to what most average folks call "stomach flu" and what seasoned professionals call "gastroenteritis".

In Phase I, you are afraid you're going to die.
In Phase II, you're afraid you're not.

As it is the result of something in your digestive tract which your body doesn't want, the chief manifestation is the body rapidly and repetetively launching the entire contents of the entire GI tract from both ends simultaneously, and long past the point where you are in any doubt towards your stomach and intestines about whose bitch you are.

Garden-variety gastro is a fecal-oral vectored infection. In short, someone indirectly pooped where you eat. The number 1 and 2 causes (you should pardon the pun) are
>someone at the local food court, etc. who didn't "lave los manos" before serving you, or
>handling small children whose hands go everywhere, and dirty diapers from same.

Thus the best prevention is frequent handwashing after conducting business at the other end, and always, always, prior to eating.
With toddlers, this regime is usually easy to enforce by about the time they enter 3d grade.

Until then, it sounds like you have already availed yourselves of the best cures.
Hydrate or die isn't just a Camelbak ad slogan.

The one saving grace of most GE is that just like its rapid onset, it tends to clear up in fairly short order as well.
Having occasion to be visited by the Food Court Two Step myself a couple of years back, I truly do feel your pain.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery for all.


Beth said...


It's KIRK and SPOCK.

That is all.

Ryan said...

Aesop, We have a little kid so anything is possible.

Beth, Fair enough. I haven't seen that show in years.

2heavyb said...

Kurt and spoc are on a new cable show. Sci-Fi situation comedy were two former star fleet officers resign and decide to co-habitate on Uranus

2heavyb said...

@Ryan, just trying to lighten the mood. I feel your pain. Been helping watch the grand baby and despite good hygiene practices we picked up something week before last. Remember this too shall pass

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