Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Suprise: Pathfinder Gear

I am pleased to say that Friday's order from the Pathfinder Store showed up today. Ordering on a Friday and the stuff showing up on Tuesday is really hard to beat. Everything looks good also.

Shown is a Pathfinder Trade Knife with a 1 quart stainless steel bottle on top of a wool blanket. The blanket is big, heavy and soft so basically everything that a wool blanket should be.

The Pathfinder Trade Knife. While it is a bit early to tell it seems like a well designed and handy blade. Certainly made short work of the box this stuff arrived in and my steak at dinner. The sheath is well made with thick leather and retention sufficient for anything except parachuting or scuba diving neither of which fit into this knife's concept of use anyway.

The Water Bottle Bag that is part of the Bag, Bottle and Cup Combo. It is significantly better than the other major name brand water bottle holder I was using previously.

The bag pictured from the side so you can see the generously sized pouch on the side. It is big enough to hold a solid personal survival kit.
I was going to write about something else but spent the evening doing homework and fiddling with my new stuff so you get this post instead. Definitely impressed with the Pathfinder Stores operation and their gear.


Anonymous said...

Very cool - Christmas came early!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to ask above - the blanket, it appears to be the Italian Army wool blanket. Is that the case ?

Good one, but boy does the moth ball smell take some effort to get out.

Anonymous said...

My kit like this arrived today and to say it is a snug fit is an understatement. It is almost impossible to remove the bottle from the bag and the same for the cup. Did you have this problem? Do you know if this is a common problem? When I reported this, their response was they have never had such a report.

Ryan said...

7:47, The bottle goes in and out easy. The cup not so much. I think on the production side it's a balance between keeping the cup in when you grab the bottle (which is often) or having the cup come out when you just want the bottle.

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