Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Walking Dead: Say The Word

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The Governor's zombie daughter (?) is really sad but also really creepy. I think a whole lot of evil deeds are letting that town have it's pretty little facade of normalcy.

Lori's apparant death makes it clear the kid is going to need formula. It turns out they had been looking for some already though not quite with the same urgency. Daryl and Maggie go for a run to try and find some.

Rick does not appear to have taken Lori's (apparant) death very well. Things have been tough for everybody but killing your best friend who was with your wife would be a hard one to deal with. He runs into a cell block and starts going to town melee style on a bunch of zombies.

Michonne sneaking around the Governor's place and reacquiring her sword probably means that something is going to come to a head. I am not sure why they have a bunch of caged zombies (experiments maybe or family members?) but Michonne lets them go then promptly kills them. Somebody coming to feed them sees what happened. Something will definitely come of this.

Michonne really doesn't want the Governor to like her. I know she feels an obligation to Andrea but she needs to play nice or go elsewhere whilst she still has the legs to carry her. Andrea seems to like it there and might have a touch of a thing brewing with the Governor.

Rick is not doing so well. She was his wife and all but the above illustration that compares Lori and a Broomstick is pretty telling.

I am not quite sure why the Governor's folks are collecting zombies. Must be some sort of experimentation. That they are taking the teeth out of some makes sense but killing others at random doesn't. I dunno what that is about.

Most everybody seems to be carrying a pistol and a medium to large sheath knife all the time. The RAT 3 on my belt now would get switched out for a Kabar for sure. I would probably also keep a rifle and a more substantial zombie killing tool like a spear or a sword very handy if not on my person.

Daryl and Maggie seem to have found some bottles and formula which is a good thing.

It looks like Andrea and Michonne can't seem to get to a consensus. Michonne leaving and Andrea staying was probably inevitable. Being able to stomach some unpleasantness and lack of freedom for safety is a personal decision without a clear cut right answer.

For heavens sake I hope they don't leave the wandering maybe psychotic kid Carl to raise this child.

Crazy redneck Daryl being all nurturing to the kid is kinda nice. Shows he is in fact human.

I love the bonfire with Lynyrd Skynyrd playing though the guys fighting surrounded by Zombies thing escapes me. Andrea might be thinking she made the wrong choice.

Well this episode was fairly quiet but it is hard to top the last one unless their goal is to end the show by attrition killing everybody off. The teaser for the next one makes it seem pretty interesting.

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