Saturday, December 8, 2012

3 Guns For ....

Some folks have talked about a 3 gun scenario and due to boredom I feel like chiming in.

My thoughts on a basic battery (rifle, shotgun, pistol, .22) are on the record being an AR, Remington 870, Glock 9mm and Ruger 10/22. I talked about my families survival guns awhile back. Those are my Glock 19 and AR, Ruger 10/22 and Remington 870 and Wifey's .38 and if we can fit it in a 30'06. I have thought about this one for awhile and 3 guns is a lot less than ideal. While it is worth noting that the 3 gun scenarios folks have talked about are for an individual so I will go that route. For a family I would be pretty unhappy with anything but a basic battery. A basic battery would let a viable defensive long gun be at home and with the person going out with a pistol somewhere in the mix so it has some options.

My first two guns in almost any conceivable scenario are an AR, pretty happy with Project AR but any good functional rifle works and a Glock 19. The third gun is the rub. I have a hard time going generic here so it has to be somewhat scenario specific.

If I really cared about legally hunting (within this contrived scenario) the rifle would need to be something that is legal to hunt with. This is a great case for a semi auto .308 like a PTR-91 or an FN-FAL.

For an economic collapse or long term survivalist scenario I would have the 3rd gun be a Remington 870. This gives me the ability to take a wide variety of game and to use one of the most common types of ammunition out there. Since a .22 conversion bolt will let me shoot .22LR out of the AR (almost cheating but since it is just a $200 bolt and magazine that can fit in a mag pouch it isn't too bad IMO) I have a lot of options. In general for anything except a very military context this is the way I would go.

If I was in some sort of a Red Dawn scenario the third gun would be a .30 caliber scoped 'precision' rifle. The .22 conversion kit and AR could keep me fed if I was scavenging. The AR is good for just about everything with the Glock 9 as a backup. In a military context the only other gun (aside from multiples stashed away) that would buy me something is a rifle that could be used from a really long distance.

Anyway those are my thoughts on that. If somehow you were stuck with just 3 guns what would they be?


Chris said...

Three guns for me and DW in a situation much like now, except we are forced to live in some cruddy jurisdiction with an inane 3 gun per household limit:
- Carry gun
- Carry gun (unless carry is banned, in which case sub in a .22 rifle)
- Shotgun with slug and smooth barrels for hunting hobby

That would give each person a carry gun and the shotgun is the most versatile weapon ever for hunting and sport. If CCW is banned in this hypothetical shitty jurisdiction then I'd go for a .22 LR because .22 LR is what I take out the safe most often, and I assume that any place that limits your collection to three guns and bans carry also frowns on EBRs. I am assuming that the rest of my collection is stored across the state line in a self-store unit like the refugees from Kalifornia have to do.

Three guns for DW and I when its, "Holy cow, hop into the car, Katrina Plus has hit and we gotta go in 30 seconds, no time to pack!"
- Carry sidearm (his)
- Carry sidearm (hers)
- AR-15, carbine configuration (14.5" or 16") (for whoever is riding shottie)
I could be convinced to swap out one of these for a PDW -- something like a SBR that can be concealed in a sneaky bag or something...

Three guns for living in the wilderness solo:
- .357 or .44 revolver, 4" or 6" bbl
- Shotgun
- Either a decent hunting rifle or a .22, depending on game in the area

Three guns for Red Dawn, solo:
- AR set up as DMR with optic, 20" bbl
- SBR AR or 14.5" capable of going in a sneaky bag
- Sidearm

It all depends on the scenario. I guess you could cheat with the AR and go for something like a 300 BLK which gives you a fighting and hunting rifle.

I also find myself leaning towards making sure that DW and I can always be armed. That tends to mean 2xsidearms, or a sidearm and a PDW type SBR, plus a third "something else." Except for a grid-up shitty jurisdiction scenario where the defensive loadout would be a handgun and a shotgun in the master bedroom.

Ryan said...

@ Chris, I guess are situation is slightly different because Wifey is at home with kiddo most of the time. Thus a shotgun would be at home if I had the rifle or visa versa.

Anonymous said...

1. AR-15, carbine or A1/A2 length, don't care, but preferably flat-top with 1-4x illuminated scope with BUIS.
2. Any decent 9mm or larger handgun. I'm an old guy so preferably Browning HiPower or M1911 but a Glock would most certainly do.
3. Any decent 22-rifle for foraging purposes.

Shotguns are OK, but a 22-rifle would be quieter, and if there are barbarians at the door, I want a 30-round mag of 5.56 instead of 5 or 8 rounds in a slow to reload shotgun. Also, about pumps, the FBI shootout in Miami in 1986 is instructive:

Actually, the 1986 shootout is instructive about many things, and well worth a detailed study.

Pumps are no more reliable than GOOD semi-autos, in my experience, but your mileage may vary.


Commander_Zero said...

AR, G17, 10-22

Anonymous said...

12 ga. 870 Rem.
.44 Mag. Model 29
M1 Garand

Semper Fi

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Been thinking about this recently as well so here's my guess.

30-06 bolt gun with 308 chamber adapter.

10/22 with folding synthetic stock to keep the weight down.

1911 45, since it functions as hunting backup or close quarters protection.

If 3 guns per person? wife gets a 22 pistol plus another 45.

In Red Dawn type scenario, replace 30-06 with AR-10/LR308/SR25 in carbine configuration.

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