Monday, December 17, 2012

Assault Weapons Band and Matthew Bracken Radio Interview

Matthew Bracken comes on about an hour in. Worth listening to as Mr Bracken always is. Maybe he is right and maybe he is wrong; I will leave you to draw your own conclusions.

I do not take easily to panic but if the Dem's could pull something off this is the best opportunity in awhile. [Well since the two years where they had the house, senate and presidency but did nothing.]

After looking at our inventories I saw some holes. AR mags are in an OK spot but I want more PMAGs. Also AR spare parts could be better.  Brownells has PMAGs for $12.50 a piece as well as a variety of AR-15 spare parts. Our ammo situation is not great but decent. Code for I want more ammo but these days even the best priced ammo is expensive and there is other stuff on the list. Sure if I had a few hundred bucks sitting around I would like another case of 9mm ball, one of 9mm JHP and 250 rounds of 12 gauge buckshot. Those needs will addressed over the next year or so as finances allow. The holster situation could be improved as I need a nice Safariland holster as part of a war belt setup and a nice range bag would be cool but those are low on the list.

This all depresses me and I am headed off to bed. Anyway figured I would let you know what I'm up to.


Rangal said...

Forget about getting any PMags on line. Everywhere is sold out.

I looked at some on Fri eve, $9 with 147 in stock @ Saturday they were out stock.

Got some at lucky gunner on Sun eve for $12 generic and $15.

Price had gone up $2.50 since the morning. By Monday AM, they were $15 & $20 and out by 10:30.

They be all gone for now.

riverrider said...

well if "they" pull off what they want, meaning a total ban on ar's/with no grandfather,you'll be a felon if you don't turn them in. do you invest hard earned money only to have to give it up? will investing the cash make you dig in your heels and join the criminal class? word on the street says osama wants atf to reclass them as class3, make us register them, so they can't be "sold" or "lost" without being a felon as well. then, ban them and come get them. my source says atf doesn't want any part of it. another source says at least locally, the pd and ng has no intension of collecting guns from citizens. one high placed source with the state says he's afraid this will be the tipping point if it gets pushed thru. personally, i'm digging in, drew the line in the sand and sandbagged it. may god be with us.

Ryan said...

10:25, Brownells had them as of last night.

Riverrider, I think a 94-04 AWB style ban where the new supply is frozen is more likely.

2heavyb said...

Unfortunately I am still stuck in the people's republic of Kalifornia for another month or so. Have the wheels turning to get out with a pension but for how long? Vacation cash out will be nice to fill in some holes BUT legislation could happen before then too. Not too bad on p-mags but sucked it up and paid $25 a piece for 4 more yesterday. Ammo, never enough but don't see that quite as pressing as magazines and actual weapons being threatened short term. Just my. 02c

Ryan said...

2heavyb, $25 a piece oh my. Well at least you got them. I agree on ammo. It can get put a little bit on the back burner.

2heavyb said...

Yes it stung a little. The major holes I see are personal armor and nvg. After reading your blog and others I have seen the light so to speak on those two items. Ouch, now those are pricey especially two pair min for me and the wife.

Ryan said...

2heavyb, Body armor isn't THAT bad. Soft vests can be had under $300 pretty regularly. A plate carrier and set of rifle plates can be had for $450-500+. Certainly not chump change but many of us could sell of an unused gun or delay buying another. Something to consider anyway.

Legit Gen III NODs are brutally expensive. Best I can say is not to do it unless your other stuff is squared away (I probably did this wrong) and you can really afford it. Wish I had an answer for that one.

2heavyb said...

That's what I was thinking. Hold off on more weapons until the armor is addressed. The NV takes on more importance because I am planning on moving to a somewhat rural area soon and strongly feel they are worth the expense. Since we might not have too much backup real close they would let me determine if I can hold my ground or should hall ass

Ryan said...

2heavyb, I agree. Far too many people have a huge safe full of guns but lack body armor and NODs.

Body armor is a pretty easy decision as it really just isn't that expensive. NODs are harder as they are 5-6 times as expensive. How are you doing on food, alternative energy, medical, skills?

Honestly I shouldn't have bought mine. Should have put a third of that money into food, a sixth into a decent little solar setup, a sixth into commo and the remaining third into training. The reason I bought it was that over the last deployment a wad of cash was saved and I wanted a cool thing to show for it. Now I am working on those other things and have a NOD so it all worked out OK.

riverrider said...

ryan, i hope you are right on the old ban, but the idiots are really riled up this time. osama is annointing biden as a csar(commy bastard) to force this thing thru. at least my gov said its time to talk about going israeli on this issue. one gunshop near dc sold 2000 ar mags since saturday. i got mine and i'm not giving them up. i tried to find extra pmags but everybody that i deal with is out...i got a bad feeling on this one.

Anonymous said...

"Better a year too early than a day too late"

Ahhh, *now* I get it....


Ryan said...

Snoop, Yeah. I've been doing some productive things in this area for awhile. Still there is desire to accelerate into the finish so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Body armor and NOD's are probably more important than another AR and more mags..

Within a few weeks after the festivities begin I will either be Dead or have one of their select fire AR 's anyway.

Got to think like the dudes we have been fighting on and off the last 40 years. Except we will not have a Ho Chi Minh trail or Iran for resupply.

Really appreciate your essays on body armor, an area I am not experienced in. Have decided on a plate carrier and level IV plates to start and will pull the trigger after the new year. Already have a PVS 14.

What are your experiences with FLIR?

Ryan said...

1:25, I think a lot of folks with safes full of guns will really be wanting a PC and NODs if things get real.

Glad you liked the piece on body armor.

FLIR is great. A really useful piece of kit if you can afford the price tag.

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