Monday, December 3, 2012

Dog Update

Dog is fitting into the family well. He got checked out by the vet, shot, exam, etc. Dog is totally healthy and should have at least a couple years left (he is 8) which is good. Turns out that he has gained 7 pounds in the last month or so. That puts his weight at 79 pounds. He may be getting a few leftovers and all sorts of stuff from the kid. We wondered about his hearing but it turns out to be fine. There was just some wax buildup.

So that means he really doesn't care about much of anything. That is a good thing for our family dynamic and lifestyle. Still he is a large dog that barks so we are up a few points on the all important 'leave us alone and rob the neighbors instead' index.

We are still working on getting Walker to treat the dog well. That is not actually true because working on implies some sort of plan or progress. Not exactly sure what to do with that one.

In any case the dog is pretty awesome. He does not ride in the back of the SUV when we go someplace but prefers to sit in the back seat next to the kid. He likes it because kiddo is restrained. Dog would probably sleep about 18 hours a day if he had his own way. Also Dog prefers his hamburgers without sauce or veggies.

So that is what's going on with Dog.


Max said...

Nice to hear he has you all well trained in a short time. good deal.

Arctic Patriot said...

You name pets like I do. ;-)

Little kitty. White cat. :-)

Good to hear that adjustment is going well!


gutscheine zum ausdrucken said...

sehr guter Beitrag

Ryan said...

Max, Dog is 8 so he pretty much does what he does. Thankfully it works with us.

AP, He has a name but even our dog's PERSEC is respected.

SHARON said... pictures!!

Ryan said...

Sharon, I will work on pics.

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