Monday, December 31, 2012

Draft New Years Resolutions

So a few days ago Alexander Wolfe of TEOTWAWKI Blog reminded me that I usually do New Years Resolutions. Last years deployment threw off the cycle. Anyway I got moving on this a lot later than usual; so these are not as thought through as they could be. I am posting some ideas. In a week or a month these will be solidified into the New Years Resolutions I am going to run with.


Maintain a consistent weight lifting program.

Run over 1,000 miles

Ruck at least 1x a week

Eat reasonably with decent consistency so I don't gain and lose the same weight 2-3 times over the year.

Skills/ Training:

Attend a defensive handgun course.

Attend a trauma based first aid class (I am due for retraining).

Work on developing a variety of other skills as they come up by doing as much myself as possible.

Guns and Gun Junk:

Pick up a couple holsters, pouches and assorted other stuff to get squared away for what we have. 

Buy 2 cases of .223 ammo.

Free float the barrel on project AR

Get more spare parts. Beef up on core stuff (AR's and Glocks) and get some basic stuff for other guns.

Finally get my (already sporterized) 1903 30'06 tapped and mount a scope on it. 

If this gun ban madness calms down start building an AR pistol.


Build up to a 1 year supply of food for 4 people.

Can something

Pursue gardening/ fishing/ hunting as it fits with our environment and life. 

 Energy/ Other:

Get a better solar setup. A bigger panel with a power supply and a few small lights is the answer. Goal 0 makes what I am looking for. It will cost about $400. Probably 500 once I get the lights. This would have gotten purchased late in 2012 but the whole ban madness shifted my priorities elsewhere.

Get licensed to drive a motorcycle. Purchase a used enduro/ adventure touring motorcycle.

Continue putting together and refining our systems. Firm up the bug out bags and the heavy (vehicle) bug out setup.

Re look and improve our cache situation.


Continue being debt free and saving. Along these lines continue not doing stupid things. 

Once we are done with the food storage goal get back to putting away some silver and gold.

Long Shots:

Get a DBAL for my AR.

Buy some land (this mostly depends on some other things).

As always input is welcome. It would be fairly useful now before these resolutions are solidified. 


Lee from La said...

Hey guy, I read your site about 2-3 times per week. Just wanted to say thanks.

Loup Espi├Ęgle said...

Hello fellow blogger,
How much miles do you run each time you run ? 1000 miles/year seems a lot, but I'm sure I could do it, because it gets easier and easier as your body adapts itself.
Anyway, good blog.

These resolutions got me thinking :-)

Ryan said...

Loup, Haven't been great at tracking but probably ran enough to make that split a couple times in the last few months.

Max said...

Check with DMV on the motorcycle license. Here for example, we don't need a license unless we have a passenger. They don't give out a motorcycle learning permit, they just tell you to use your license in the meantime.
Odd, I know.
Good goal for the 1000 miles, I'm hoping for 1200 BUT only if it doesn't detract from my lifting and swimming. I'll be happy at 1000 considering I was close to 2000 for 2012.
happy new year

2heavyb said...

I am leaving Kalifornia this month. Find a place back home. Small 1-5 acre stead hopefully with some shelter in place already. Have to relearn the landscape since I haven't lived there since leaving for uncle Sam's canoe club back in 1979.

Sustenance skills (gardening, hunting canning/storage). Maybe a couple of trips to Frontsight for firearms and empty hand classes. Other skills will be addressed while I re-train for my third career. That's if I figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
The finances will be more organized with the above mentioned 3rd career. Hopefully live off that and devote the two pensions I earned up to now towards getting debt free.
Weapons, the first priority is spare parts. Not too bad off with the actual hardware but repair parts are a glaring shortcoming
Once the stead is straightened out reloading will be an option.
Altogether looking forward to 2013. Not the actual move so much but ready to leave Kalifornia. Its really a shame because the central and northern part of the state isn't too bad.

Anonymous said...

We can quite a bit but not the huge amount some people do. But the other day while waiting for my wife to shop (sorry don't remember which store) I was looking at a book by a housewife and her method of canning just might help a lot of folks. First she uses water bath which isn't good for everything. But what she does that is really different is: 1) She cans every night, and 2) she cans 1 or 2 jars at a time. For example while she is cooking dinner she sterilizes two canning jars and gets a pot on the stove boiling for the water bath. Then she prepares twice as much vegetables as needed and cans the excess. It might be a jar of carrots and a jar of potatoes. She does the water bath while she cooks and depending on the time requirement while they eat and afterwards while she cleans up. Not excactly revolutionary but think about how much you could put away if you just did two jars a night with virtually no extra work to do it. Don't take my notes as advice about how to do it find her book (I think we were in a fabric store). Sorry, don't remember the name of the book or author but maybe a Amazon search could turn it up.

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