Sunday, December 23, 2012

EDC Contest: What's In Your Pockets?

I've been hinting at a super sweet contest for awhile now. Some things ended up delaying it but no matter, here we are.

The broad strokes are this. I want to share and discuss the stuff we carry around every day AKA EDC. Taking pictures of our stuff and talking about it is my goal. Looking both at broad tools (pistol, folding knife, light, multi tool, etc all) and specifically digging into the this vs that of a Wambanger 29 vs a Doohickey A3.

The prizes will be as follows:
1st Place: 3 Sport Berkey Water Bottles donated by LPC Survival ($69 value)
2nd Place: 1 Blackhawk Holster donated by ($50 value)
3rd Place:  1 Snare-Vival-Trap cough garote cough donated by Camping Survival ($17 value)

Wildcard: This one goes to whoever I want to give it to for whatever reason I feel like. It will be a grab bag donated by yours truly. The exact makeup is TBD depending on what I have lying around  and may include books, gear, medical stuff or even a couple silver dimes. ($30+  value)

The Details:

The contest will run from today until 31 January. Typically I would have it run for a month but I want to give a bit more time since lots of folks are doing other things from Christmas through New Years. Still I wanted folks who might be off work and have some spare time to have the opportunity to knock out their entry thus the extra week.

As discussed above a submission will be a picture of the stuff you personally carry around on a normal daily basis with high regularity as well as a blurb/ essay discussing the stuff and it's role. I'm talking on your belt and in your pockets not in the car or some bag that generally travels near you but actual on body cary.

[Edited at 9:22 on 12/24 to include. Received a good question. Purses can count for women. They are a terrible way to carry defensive weapons but that is another topic. Honestly just didn't think that through when writing the rules. Guys I am still not including the Murse/ man bag/ Jack Bauer satchel or whatever. Life is not fair and you can call it sexist if you want. The reason is that women have their purses a pretty much all the time out of the home, probably at a higher percentage than active CCW holders have guns, while guys have some awkward bag that might go into the car occasionally.]

Note that I said a normal day and with high regularity. Don't try to impress folks by exaggerating. I do not want to know what your ideal hypothetical EDC is but what actually goes with you to the grocery store, movies or mom's for dinner. It would be a real upward battle to convince me you carry a Glock 34 with 3 17rd mags plus 4 33rd mags, a snubby .357 with 4 speed loaders, a 12" bowie knife, boot knife, a swiss army knife, an IFAK, a GPS, a lensastic compass, a pocket survival kit, a USGI poncho, an IFAK, an extendable baton, a mace, a taser, 3 of those lifeboat rations, binoculars, a multi tool and some other stuff on your person every day. Ethical issues aside I will call it like I see it if somebody seems to be exaggerating.

I'm not going to be specific about format for the picture or blurb/ essay. If the stuff doesn't open on my windows PC I will reply saying it needs to be changed to something that works on my computer for it to be entered into the contest.

I usual edit guest posts for OPSEC, spelling and grammar. To help contestants out I can (if they want) help with editing by looking a submission over and sending it back with some thoughts to help in the editing process.

Submissions will be made via email to 

Winners will be picked by voting in early February. Details will follow as I firm this part up in the coming weeks.

I reserve the right to change prizes, contest dates or whatever else for any reason. Also I reserve the right to disqualify a contestant or even a winner for any reason, can't see why I would do this but things happen.

If there are any questions or I need to clarify something please let me know so that can happen.

Now I am going to do an example of what a submission could look like based on my EDC. Not saying you have to stick to it exactly the goal is just to give a better description of what a submission might look like.

Submission XX: Ryan from Arizona

From the top.

Pistol- Glock 19 with Trijicon night sights. I think it is a great carry option because it is concealable but shoots almost like a full sized handgun. Other than the night sights it is bone stock. It holds a Glock 19 mag with 14 rounds of JHP in the mag and 1 in the chamber.

Holster(s)- I showed two because they both get regular use. The Galco paddle holster typically gets used when I will be wearing a vest or some sort of sweatshirt/ jacket that covers it up. This holster sits at about 2 o'clock just in front of my right hip. I really like that it is easy to put on and take off but attaches securely to a belt with these little plastic ridges on the paddle.

The one on the left is a Bianchi 100 Professional and it sits right about 12:30 Appendix Inside Waistband (AIWB). This holster is typically used when I will be wearing lighter clothing. Both are fine options for their place.

Mag Pouch- Blackhawk single mag pouch. They are available from Lucky Gunner and Airsoft Atlanta for a bit under $20. It is a bit bulky but retention is good, the clip is solid and it seems quite durable. Inside the pouch is a second Glock 19 mag. Some folks carry a G 17 mag as a reload because it holds 2 more rounds. I've tried that and the extra length hurt in terms of concealment which I dislike.

Knife- Benchmade Griptillian. I like this knife a lot. It cuts like crazy and holds an edge very well. The customer service is head and shoulders above any other knife maker I have dealt with. May get a new knife (probably for my next birthday) but it will probably be a Benchmade.

I have tried carrying a second knife on my weak hand side as a 'get off me blade' but don't really feel it is needed for my everyday life. Am already about as close to a batman belt as I want to be.  Also I do not carry a multi tool. Probably use them 2-3 times a month which does not justify it being on my person. Do however have one in my EDC/ GHB backpack and another in our primary vehicle.

Light- The light is an LED Lenser AAA. I like that it is small but dislike that it seems to run through batteries like Charley Sheen through hookers and cocaine. Have regularly found it dead despite very rare use (probably less than 20 minutes ave) and weekly battery rotation. Probably going to replace it with a Streamlight.

Lighter- A bic lighter with a few ranger bands wrapped around it. It gets used very rarely as I am not a smoker but I think a lighter is essential to carry. The knife and lighter are really the core of my 'survival' type stuff in terms of EDC. With them I can do a lot.

Chapstick- Self explanatory but important in very dry Arizona.

Phone- A China Mart Tracphone. It does everything I need (calls/ texts) and has no contract. If I talked on it a lot the slightly higher cost of minutes would matter but since it's rarely used that isn't an issue.

Wallet- The usual ID and cards as well as cash. I try to have at least a hundred dollars cash on me all the time.

Not shown:
Keys- Dunno why they missed the pic but nothing special there.

Belt- A good belt makes carrying a pistol much more comfortable than it can otherwise be. I use a heavy nylon 'rigger belt'. Many folks make these and they are mostly the same. The one I'm using was made by Spec Ops; no particular attachment there it was simply conveniently available when I needed a belt.

Clothes- I am sure to have a hat and decent shoes when leaving the house. Generally I wear pretty functional clothes but obviously that varies based on what is going on.

The End.

Hope that helps clear up what sort of thing I've got in mind.  Yours doesn't need to be exactly like this.  Just wanted to give an idea and talk about my EDC.

Of course you are welcome to ask anything about my EDC and I'll do my best to answer. Now get to work on your submissions.

Merry Christmas,


tpals said...

Does a purse count? I don't always wear clothes with pockets but never leave home without my purse.

Ryan said...

Tpals, That is a good point I failed to think of. Purses can count for women as they carry them all the time. Went back and edited the post accordingly.

jennypenny said...

The contest reminded me of this guy.

Ryan said...

Jennypenny, Wow!

DigitalSyn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I read the rules and understand that purses are allowed for women but I would recommend rethinking about men possibly carrying a backpack or even a shoulder bag. I have a 6-year-old and a 2-year-old and for the past 6 years I have always had on me a daddy shoulder bag that carries all of our gear, to include EDC. And when I travel to work, all my EDC gets transferred to my day pack which is sitting right at my feet at work. Just some thoughts.

mdknighthawk said...

Howdy have my EDC post ready to go, copied your email address from above and when I try and send it it says supply a valid email ?

Ryan said...

MDnighthawk, My email is

mdknighthawk said...

On its way

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