Saturday, December 22, 2012

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Max said...

I hope they ship the magazines. I've had some in 'order being picked' status since before the rush. I'm not expecting them at this point.

Ammo I ordered from them in the last week has already shipped... pessimistic.

Ryan said...

Max, Much to my pleasure they shipped the other day.

Anonymous said...

I ordered 10 p mags on Sunday and they arrived on Thursday. Unfortunately there were only 7 mags in the box!

Looks like I was lucky to get them. Oh well...

Anonymous said...

Congrats on stocking up on mags under the wire.

But let's all rethink the concept of "putting armed guards in every school". A retarded idea from Wayne LaPierre at the NRA is still a retarded idea.

How has that plan worked out at airports since 9/11?
Now picture those fat, incompetent retards carrying guns and groping kidergarteners in perpetuity.
And being unionized federal employees. They won't hire military veterans, they'll be screening for weight-challenged lesbian Native Eskimo vegetarian Special Ed students with seeing-eye dogs.

Enough said, or do I have to get the scary pictures too?

Best Regards,

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