Friday, December 21, 2012

Gun Shop Trip 12/21 and World Isn't Over Yet

Yesterday I went to the gun shop and today ended up going back. As a joke I told the guy behind the counter I wanted a stripped AR-15 lower receiver and 10 PMAGs in a serious sounding voice. He picked up the joke but did not laugh. Good time to be a gun shop owner but the guy behind the counter probably not so much.

Wanted to pick up a few 20 rd AR mags (which they had the day before) and check out ammo prices. Waited for about 20 minutes for the guy working the counter to have a minute to grab what I wanted from behind the counter and ring me up. Turns out they had 2 30 rounders slipped into the stack and priced the same @ 21.95 for Bushmaster. The guy asked where I found them and I said with the 20's (which was true) and he hesitated for a minute then said it was my lucky day. I didn't need any mags really but thought having a couple 20's around might not be a bad thing.

They had some .308 in stock today as well as a good amount (probably a case) of PMC M193. The price on the PMC went up from 9.75 yesterday to 11 and change today but it was new stock so the price difference makes sense. No AR's in stock but they did have a Springfield M1A for $2,300.

Ended up redoing my AR mag inventory this afternoon. Turns out we are doing better than I thought (did the inventory before household goods arrived so the mag inventory, particularly AR mags was split) which is very positive news considering the way things might be going. Actually that means I didn't really need the 30's but oh well. Might be glad I got them some day.

Incidentally things have been getting downright nasty in the market for gun stuff. I have seen a couple guys trying to sell guns that were worth $650-800 a week ago for over 2 grand. Some guy wanted a grand for a darn Yugo SKS which was totally insane. Cheaper than Dirt tried selling PMAGs for $60 for about a minute until there was a rather nasty backlash.

[It is worth noting that companies need to consider the replacement cost of inventory as well as the purchase price (and of course their costs and profit). That means in a rapidly adjustmenting market Bob the gun shop owner might just be changing prices to keep up and reorder inventory/ stay in business not to stick it to the customer.]

I'm a free market guy so the idea of price gouging isn't generally an issue for me. Free choice on both sides. Now I can note that typically for companies this is a short term gain long term loss scenario. Customers have long memories and while they might make a necessary purchase during an emergency when things are back to normal they remember and buy from another dealer.  Making a few extra bucks today but alienating a customer who may spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a year over time isn't a very good business model. Anyway I had an idea.

People should work together to help each other out. By sharing information and helping each other out they can level out regional anomalies. If Tim can find Beretta 92 mags and Bob needs them Tim could pick up a few and sell them to Bob at cost plus shipping. Maybe John can find AK mags that Tim needs and send them his way. I genuinely believe good people being prepared is in every other good persons best interest.

Along these lines I have seen the following mags in my AO: Springfield XD (just about all) @ 27ish, A couple G23 mags @ $27, Beretta and Sig mags around $37, a few really overpriced HK 91 mags @ 14.95 and there might still be a few 20 round AR mags out there @21.95. Drop me a line at if you need and cannot find any of this stuff.

Obviously you should use common sense. Don't front somebody money for mags and ship them without payment. Use the same common sense you would in any other online type purchase using a payment method with some protection. Also do not do anything illegal like making a straw purchase or mailing a weapon out of the narrow conditions where it is acceptable.

If you can get something like AR parts or mags at decent prices either drop me an email and I'll play match maker or leave a note in the comments section.

Incidentally the world seems to not have ended as of now. My study of Mayan history says it is happening tonight at about 930 in the evening Arizona time. We will see if they were right in a few hours.

Merry Christmas and good luck if you are trying to find any gun related stuff these days. 


Commander_Zero said...

I guess you just can't make magazines disappear from work, huh? I knew some National Guard guys that used to just take magazines whenever they needed them without apparent risk.

Anonymous said...

I read on Brownell's website that P Mag is only producing black mags to speed up production, no colored mags for the time being.

Just lik Henry Ford, you can have any color as long as it is black!

Anonymous said...

Ryan, for the most part, I'm OK with most of my arsenal. That said, I could always use more: guns, ammo, mags, parts, hiolsters, etc.
Gun show locally this weekend. I work sat but will be going early sun looking for a few select items. I'll let you know how bad/good things are here.

Ryan said...

@9:55, Interesting. If I order more in a month or two guess they will be black.

@10:15, Looking forward to it.

2heavyb said...

I think if the accessory oriented companies can ramp up production quick enough they will be able to capitalize on this last gasp of legal demand for awhile. Have maybe a month to work with.

2heavyb said...

Yea, Cdr Z has a point. The last few years I did eye-ball the 20 round factory Ruger mags for our Mini 14s at work. However I just couldn't do it, integrity can be a pain sometimes hah-hah

Anonymous said...

Ryan, I only worked 1/2 day today so I went to the gun show I mentioned yesterday.
Decent show, lots o' people, lots o' stuff. Now the bad points:

I arrived at about 1:30, NO .223 at all. Gave Mrs. a M&P for Christmas and wanted some more mags. Last week they were $32-36 range. Today only one vendor had any, $50 per. (standard cap, not nuetered) Only got two. I have been getting 30rd P-mags for $11-13 Same mags for 3x that price today.

Overall, disapointing but not un-expected. Still had a good time. Ran into friends, got T-shirts, cleaning stuff, couple of knives, and some other accessories. Then dinner at our favorite restaraunt in that town.

Sorry I forgot to sign the last post. You would have known what town I'm talking about.

Take care and a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.


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