Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Honey Badger Doesn't Give A @#*(

I may have been the last person in the developed world to see this video but it is still pretty awesome.

Also you might get a kick out of Action Figure Therapy (warning NSFW).


Archer Garrett said...

Yea, honey badger doesn't care about much anything, except gay voice-overs that degrade his masculinity.

Ryan said...

Archer, Honey Badger is so masculine he doesn't care.

Seriously though I agree and if a better voice over was easily available would have went with it instead.

Anonymous said...

Everybody over here in South Africa that does any hunting or farming gives those buggers a wide berth legend has it they always go for a guys nads

Archer Garrett said...

Ryan - don't you dare (in mocking rendition of the voiceover) the narrator makes the whole vid.

Anon - honey badger don't care about your man parts. He'll tear your face off - and act totally indifferent to your screams as he does it.

Happy Prepper said...

LOL It has been a while since I first saw it, but I laughed as hard now as I did then... a classic!

New to the site but love what I see. Looks like this is an awesome resources that more people need to know about.

2heavyb said...

Yea, the contrast between the effete voice and the bad-assery of the badger is what makes it fricken hilarious for me.

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