Friday, December 21, 2012

Informal Poll- New AWB?

So do you think something is going to come out of this talk about gun control or that it is a big distraction from the economy and it is going to just blow over?

Anyway I am curious about what you all are thinking and doing. If you want please let me know in the comments section.


Chris said...

I feel like odds of a new AWB or mag ban are about 1/3 (total WAG -- low confidence).

I was pretty good on mags but panic bought a few dozen more (rifles). I am not as worried about handguns; we're stocked deep, and worst case I transition to a nice expensive 1911 or a pocket 9 type gun.

I joined GOA and SAF. Already an NRA member.

I'm engaging in "happy warrior" MO with my social media contacts as well as in meatspace. I have three coworkers that all want to buy ARs. I'm helping them write their senators/reps.

I'm contacting my rep and senators often via phone, email, and letter. Alaska's Senators are a RINO and a Blue Dog so they need some spine stiffening.

I'm contacting my state level officials and urging them to reform Alaska's defensive laws, allowing teachers to carry tasers in school (currently prohibited), allowing retired LEOs to carry sidearms in schools, and allowing CWP holders (its optional up there) to carry in schools.

We will at best fight a holding action on the national legislative level. Now is the time to go on the offense in friendly states, though, and show that there are alternatives to the horrendously failed Gun Free Killing Zone we've tried since 1990. It is also necessary to get state legislators moving towards nullification of impending federal legislation if necessary too.

Anonymous said...

The House is where we have a chance of stopping the new AWB. The senate is slowly going to the dark side and is Democratic anyway. Latest turncoat is the supposedly pro gun Democratic Senator Casey, an empty suit who just got reelected.

The Republicans seem to be disintegrating over the tax issues, many are revolting against Bohner.

I believe we have until the next congress is in session to make our case with the house republicans. After that the bills will come fast and furious and the media propaganda blitz will be unprecedented.

Chris said...


I think there is value in forcing the Senate dems to either (A) flip a bunch of the remaining blue dogs, thus exposing them to strong primary and general challengers (including Harry Reid) and (B) invoke the "nuclear option" to eliminate the filibuster.

Make them fight in the Senate before they even get to the "obstructionist" house.

Anonymous said...

I think the AWB is bread and circuses to take any notice away from F&F, Benghazi, and the still-about-to-crater economy.

If Speaker Bonehead even lets any version of the AWB out of committee in the house, he shouldn't be the Speaker.

If the Repubs and blue dog Dems don't get that, a little reminder of how the House got lost in 1994 is in order.

Best Regards,

2heavyb said...

The Dems? All compromised on this issue. Got to give them credit for keeping their people in line on major party planks. Republicans as a party are a joke. Too many RINOs and showed their true colors during the recent purging of TP oriented members in the house over finances. IMHO Standard cap mags will be gone and the "Bad" AR/AK military weapons will be restricted. I hope to God they aren't stupid enough to go the confiscation route. I think we all know where that would go.

Anonymous said...

American law now permits indefinite military detention of citizens without due process.

American law now permits torture of military prisoners.

American laws are proposed to ban effective firearms and accessories.

I believe that they will be consistent and will try.

Craig Cavanaugh said...

I call it a combination. They may very well push an AWB/hi cap mag ban through, or some portion thereof, to appease the sheep who are bleating pretty loudly at the moment. AND, as our buddy Rahm said: "Never waste a crisis". So yes, this is a nice big sparklie they can use for cover...

AM said...

I would love to see Republicans introduce liberalized rules on sound suppressors. All perfectly legal to buy in a hardware store in the UK, Australia, or New Zealand without a background check.

Add that as a rider to the inevitable AWB and tell the Dem's that we are just trying to reach the "international norm" and watch heads explode.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a federal ccw/ license to carry concealed come out of this so that we don't need to get 4 or 5 to be legal in all states and avoid the headaches. I'm for requiring saftey training in firearms and even a small amount of continuing education as I've seen people that need some real gun control at the local range. I approve of background checks on purchases. I'm agains weapons or magazine bans, registration of individual arms and free fire zones. If you are talking to plants or convicted of violent crime then shouldn't legally be allowed weapons. Tired of laws that lower society to the lowest denominator and convict you of crimes you haven't and probably won't commit. Congress can vote anything into law but its up to us to give up our freedom.

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