Monday, December 10, 2012

Prepare Wise Food Review and Hidden Inflation

The good folks at Prepare Wise were nice enough to send me some of their new Legacy Premium freeze dried food to sample. We had the alfredo pasta for lunch yesterday. It was pretty darn good. Better than other freeze dried products we have tried and it even beats the instant box o pasta type dishes. Considering it has a 25 year shelf life that is pretty impressive. I even had some of the leftovers for lunch today. Their sampler package is a good way to try the food before making a bigger purchase. If it is important to you their stuff is GMO free. While GMO is not a primary concern of ours it is something we avoid when readily possible. Also they have gluten free options for those with that dietary constraint in the family. We will definitely be adding some of this excellent food to our food storage plan as finances allow.

Yesterday we were doing some shopping and Wifey grabbed a couple bottles of soda.  Like the bigger ones to keep in the fridge and fill up a glass to drink. When I was putting them into the cart after the cashier rang us up they seemed a bit small. At home I looked again. While they were close to the overall size of a 2 liter however they were actually only 1.25 liters. The price was about what we are used to paying for a 2 liter bottle.

Inflation is definitely upon us. This concept that we measure inflation while excluding food, fuel and some other stuff is totally rigged to hide the real situation. If I didn't already have a desire to put a few bucks into useful things like long term storage food, non hybrid seeds, camping gear, silver, 9mm ammo, .38 special and 12 gauge buckshot this was a good reminder to do so.


Commander_Zero said...

Well, youre right that food and fuel are discounted from the figures that are used to calculate inflation. However, I'm not 100% sure thats not a good idea.

Originally, I thought it didnt make sense to discount those numbers but after thinking about it, it does make a bit of sense.

Food and fuel are both *heavily* influenced by factors that don't really have an economic basis. For example, after Hurricane Katrina when many Gulf fuel facilities were shot down the price of fuel rose. If we used fuel prices as an indicator of inflation, we would say that inflation must have gone up because now our fuel was more expensive. But, in reality, the fuel prices rose for reasons that had nothing to do with really it was sort of a 'false positive'. Same thing for food...a crop failure doesn't have an economic's about weather, not economics. If you had, say, a crop failure and a hurricane at the same time you would think, according to the numbers, that inflation had hit an all time high because the prices of food and fuel went up..but in reality, both of those price increases had nothing to do with inflation.

Just something to think about.

Ryan said...

Commander Zero, Interesting point. I will have to think about that.

Anonymous said...

If it was a 'one -off' type thing, could we not just average each month with the previous twelve (or any other consistent measurement) months?
If the price is inflated, regardless of the cause, that is inflation. But an average would make it more comprehendable, at least to me.
Serious disclaimer: not an economist, don't even know one.


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