Thursday, December 20, 2012

Range Fail and Gun Shop Trip

So funny story. Before packing up all of your stuff, getting bullets and driving for a half hour to get to the range you should check their schedule as they may be closed on Thursday. Anyway the gun shop was interesting. The two semi automatic rifles in stock were an M1 Carbine and an AK pistol, I think in 5.45. The only military pattern semi auto mags they had were some (#)*Q(* #*$) polymer AK mags only an idiot would buy. As to ammo they were out of .308 and had less than 200 rounds of .223 in the place. One can of 175 rounds of federal 12 gauge was the only 12 gauge ammo in the place. They were doing OK on pistol ammo but awful short on mags. Out of Glock 17, down to 2-3 Glock 19 mags.

This is a big shop shop that normally has about 4 AK's, 10 AR's, 2 complete lowers, 4 stripped lowers and 5-6 various other military pattern weapons.

I was there pretty early and the guy behind the counter was BSing with 2 guys. They were both hoping for things to come in via the daily FedEX drop. Picked up my targets and ammo then wished them luck in finding what they were looking for.

Today we were at China Mart picking up some things and for kicks went to the gun section. All the evil black guns were gone but a variety of other guns were selling like pitchers of beer at last call. The ammo shelves were looking bare but not totally empty.

It was interesting that people seemed to be in two groups. The first group seem to pretty much have their ducks in order and are trying to grab the last item or two. The others were totally behind the power curve. Some of these folks wanted to catch up and grab an AR as well as some mags (good luck!) or more curiously get 2-3 boxes of ammo for their house gun. Maybe some of the 2-3 box people were going for the usual weekend plinking but there were too many to explain that phenomena. I guess more ammo is better but "OMG everything might be banned I need 100 rounds of FMJ ammo for my pistol" seems odd to me. Was thinking about picking up a couple of boxes of this or that. Not that I needed them exactly but a couple boxes more never hurts. After seeing these folks I decided not to. Somebody with a mag of ammo needs those boxes more than I do.

After kiddo went to bed I looked at the inventory sheets. All in all we are doing OK. Spending a few grand a year for several years can do that. Sure I would really like an AR pistol and a Glock 17 but things could be worse. Right now I am really counting my blessings that Project AR Upgrade finished up when it did. Would like some more .223 ammo and will work on that as availability and finances allow.

Anyway I hope you are all pretty squared away. Hopefully this is a false alarm but who can tell.

What are the gun (as well as mag and ammo) buying conditions in your area?


Commander_Zero said...

It's what you expect...useless idiots who have had over eight years to get their shit together who think that NOW is the right time to buy. They seem surprised when they find the shelves if theyre the only ones who thought to go buy guns. These are the same idiots who will show up to buy groceries the day before the hurricane hits and then wonder why the shelves are bare.

Ryan said...

Zero, In general I agree with you. I get the "sprint through the finish" of picking up another gun or a few more mags. However beyond a bit of this or that unless you've already got it or are prepared to shell out some serious cash it isn't happening.

Lee from La said...

Same as your area, little to nothing still available. What amazes me is the price gouging already going on; I saw a couple post on a social network site and one guy was selling his AR for $1695 and another had his with ammo for $2450.

Ryan said...

Lee, The guns that were worth $800 folks are now trying to sell for 2 grand amaze me. One guy wanted $1,900 for a gun that was worth maybe $650 a week ago.

Dunno about price gouging exactly at least from individuals but it is pretty crazy. I wish sellers and buyers the best but some of these folks are nuts.

Anonymous said...

I have a few friends that have gun shops, their prices are going up daily to order AK's and AR's to replace his inventory(if he can get replacements). They have no 30 round mags left. One buddy has a huge shop and has done over $400,000 in business in 4 days! He checks on prices and they go up twice a day from his suppliers! I ordered some 1st generation p-mags on Wednesday before the shootings and they were whole sale price of $9.05! Now you can't find any and if you do I saw them for $29.95!

Brad in FL

Andrew J. Jackson said...


Went to one of the gun shops at a BX in the Midwest yesterday and there weren't any AR magazines, only a few odd pistol magazines, no modern military rifles but they still had lots of pistols, shotguns and .22 rifles. 9mm ammo was in stock but no 5.56 and they aren't able to order any either.

What really struck me though is that the guys there are usually helpful and friendly...and they were anything but...and I was the only customer in that part of the BX.

I understand the desire to prep for changes 'last minute' but I hope everyone relaxes and gives rationality a chance to rear it's head.

Between the recent online shopping and my trip to the BX, I've decided that it's finally time to buy the .22LR converter for my AR so I'm not so nervous about practicing my ammo stash out of existence.

Andrew J. Jackson

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