Saturday, December 22, 2012

RE: Random thoughts on current events to close out the week

Alexander Wolfe/ Teotwawki Blog did a great post today Random thoughts on current events to close out the week. As to a potential AWB who knows. Finally calmed down about the whole thing so am not going to let myself get stressed again unless something tangible actually happens.

Things I wish I would have bought (on the off chance an AWB/magazine ban goes into effect)

-Glock 17
-AR Pistol
-PTR-91 or some sort of semi auto .308

Ancillary stuff
A few more Ruger 25 rd mags for the 10/22 (For if/ when I get another 10/22 down the road)
A couple drums for the AK

2 cases of .223

None of this stuff is really critical.  That is good because resources are finite. Project AR upgrade which thankfully was completed prior to this mess wasn't cheap. Seriously my gun find is about as solvent as social security. Had planned to let a few bucks build back up over 3-4 months but then this happened.

I am looking to buy a G 17 over the next couple weeks if the opportunity presents itself. More.223 ammo will get purchased after that if it is available at semi sane prices. An AR pistol and PTR-91 or some sort of AR-10 aren't in the cards financially. Of course I can still use a couple more holsters as well as a nice range bag and some other ancillary stuff but that is all on the shelf indefinitely.

While doing some looking at various gun accessories for this post I saw a pretty cool Pelican Rifle Case. Man one of these would be very nice to have and they aren't really that expensive. Set up for an AR, a shotgun and a pistol this would be great. Perfect for a situation where we need to leave in a hurry but aren't going to be OIF I style rifles hanging out the vehicle. Anyway a fellow can dream.

Hopefully this will all blow over and I can get back to normal operations in a couple months. Anyway I'm bored of writing so am going to wrap this up.

Merry Christmas


Max said...

Merry Christmas to you and the family.
I'm hoping things calm down as well, but 'The great panic' might last a while.

Chris said...

I too have an irrational lust for a semiauto 30 cal. I'd probably get an M1A or Garand so I can shoot HighPower Service Rifle with it but any of the battle rifles would be fine.

I just can't think of what I'd ever use it for. The AR-15, AK-47, or similar (Sig 556 comes to mind) is my choice for a defensive carbine in 98% of situations. A bolt gun in a caliber that starts with "3" is my choice for hunting. I can't imagine lugging an M1A on an Alaska hunting trip, ever.

Ryan said...

Max, Agreed on both accounts.

Chris, Dunno if it is irrational necessarily. Maybe more collecting than practical though. Don't go Garand their 8 round en bloc clip makes it a far less than optimal weapon for practical use. I have one and it is in the process of getting sold.

An M1A is a fine choice if you are willing to pay for it. Personally logistics lead me towards an HK-91 style rifle.

Anonymous said...

Ryan, Midway has the Ruger brand 25-round magazines on sale for 21.99. They show out of stock and backordered, but expect another shipment by 12-28. They will honor that price if you get them on order.

Think they have a two magazine limit per order, but, a person could always mke more than one order.


Ryan said...

H, Thanks. Those may slip between what I can afford and what I would like. I had a 10/22 with only 10 rd magazines until a couple months ago and did just fine so it isn't a huge concern.

TEOTWAWKI Blog / Alexander Wolf said...

Thanks for the plug, Ryan.

I'm seeing PMAGs go for $50 a pop, 33 round Glock Happy Sticks for $100's a bit of a crazy time.

One thing that I missed: the AR .22lr conversion kits are out of stock everywhere. This had been on my short list. Oh well...I can deal with a 10 rounder in a .22.

If you were a gambling man or had excess mags hanging around, you could certainly cash out on some and hope a magazine capacity ban didn't pass.

One thing that all of us need to do - join the NRA!

Ryan said...

Alexander Wolfe, Our local gunshop had the CMMG ones on Friday. I will buy and ship one to you at cost if you want. Email me at to talk more if you want.

I joined the NRA yesterday.


Anonymous said...

I had always intended to get around to a FAL/DSA or HK-91/PTR-91 and may never get to it anytime soon. But I found that Old Grouch surplus has surplus HK-91 mags in stock at about $2.50 and ordered ten of them. May never get the rifle, but, for less than $30, got something to run it with.


riverrider said...

good to hook personally, but i've been hammered by calls from friends/family wanting mags/ammo/rifles. sorry, i warned you six months ago. i put a few ar mags on backorder in case they ever get them. i've had 3 cases of 223 on backorder since march. scheduled for shipment 31 dec, we'll see. i think the new law says they have to compensate me if they don't ship. let you know how that turns out.

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