Sunday, December 30, 2012

RE: What's Available

TEOTWAWKI Blog asked so I am chiming in for South East Arizona. Down here in the shops AR's are slowly trickling in and moving out immediately afterwords. They are keeping about the same profit margin but all the way up the supply chain there have been demand based price increases and potentially some bidding wars. Basic guns from folks like DPMS, Del Ton or Olympic Arms are running $1,200 to $1,600. The private party AR market is out of control. I am not sure if folks are buying BS parts guns worth maybe $650 a week ago for upwards of 2 grand but a lot of folks seem to be trying to sell them.

Ammo for .223 is available in limited quantities. PMAGs are running $30-40 on the private market. Some normal capacity 20 round mags are available and occasionally an oddball plastic 30rder from some company I have never heard of shows up.

A wide variety of pistols are still available though Glock 9mm's are notably absent. Still XD/MP/etc type guns out there in stores and on the private market. Prices haven't jumped so much on them. Seen private market folks trying to sell Glocks for upwards of $600 but careful search can get you one at about $500 which is a bargain these days. Good luck getting mags for a Glock 19/17 though. Glock 9mm mags are off the shelves and not really present on the private market. Seen folks trying to sell those junk aftermarket 33rders for stupid prices like $40.

The common Sig/ Beretta 92 type mags are gone but XD, S&W MP and some others are still available. Folks around here just don't seem to own these guns in any numbers or the folks who have them aren't the stocking up types.

9mm ammo is available though the price of your bulk/ plinking stuff is considerably higher than before this mess.

7.62x39 is available but at over $300 a case. Still not too bad of a jump considering how other stuff has moved.

Shotgun ammo is widely available as are .38/.357 and 40 S&W in pistol calibers and most standard hunting type calibers 30'06, .300Winmag, etc. Bolt action rifles, shotguns and revolvers have not really changed in availability

What are things like in your area?


Anonymous said...


Crossroads gun show was in Vegas this weekend. Man was it crazy! Doors opened at 9:00am as usual. I was in line at 6:15 and was fifth in line. Talking to people while waiting for the doors to open it was obvious that the majority were looking to get ammo. Several guys I talked with had just bought their first firearm within the last 3-4 months.

The Millwall booth had vendors lined up and buying ammo in the 45 minutes before the doors opened for the public. Membership has its privileges I guess.

When the doors opened I went to the magazine vendor. Everything was available and the tables were stacked high. Prices were out of control.

AR15 p-mags were $54. Most pistol mags like Glock, Sig and XD were $49. The vendor was cleaning up. People were buying big and the prices did not seem to be scaring too many people.

Within 20 minutes of the doors opening the lines for the two ammo booths were stretched to the middle of the convention center floor and wraped down the center aisle.

Complete AR's were selling for double what they were two weeks ago. I saw a S&W mp15or that sold for $800 recently, tagged for $1500.

I picked up a couple of things and left at 10:30. When I walked out the line to get tickets was about 200 yds long and I could not see the end because it went around the back of the building. I heard one guy walking out with a box of .223 and he said he bought the last case. Don't know if this is true, just what the guy said.

.223/5.56 reloads were 500 count boxes selling for $220! Holy Crap! $220!

Hopefully some of this blows over in the next couple of months, but I don't know. Things have been crazy for the last couple of years and I don't know if the mania will go away.

Ryan said...

7:46, Thanks for the update. Good gracious those are some prices for mags. Good thing I'm not hurting for any!

Archer Garrett said...

Big box sporting goods stores along the MS coast have breach action shotguns and revolvers.

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