Thursday, December 27, 2012

Scene On The Ground In Southern Arizona/Has The Potential AWB Got You Doing Anything?

Today I went around and did a survey of our local gun shops. Not a Glock mag over 10 rounds to be found. The 17 round 9mm Smith and Wesson M&P Mags were sold out but I saw a handful of the 13 rounders (if you need them email me). Lots of XD mags (ditto). A few AR mags to be had. Some 20 rounders and a few Thermamolds I think. One shop had a stash of PMAGs they were guarding like their daughters honor.

Saw a couple AR's. An Olympic Arms rifle with a stainless barrel was going for $1,400 and a basic Del Tonic was going for $1,200. Both AR's were sold almost immediately. Like came out of the box and got sold to folks who have been waiting for them. The shop owner was tossing a couple mags in with each gun free of charge. They are keeping prices reasonable and only increasing based on the rise in their costs. As the owner said "You guys are my customer base and will continue to be my customer base after this is over." He is a gruff old guy but a strait shooter.

There are plenty of pistols available in the stores. Maybe not every model conceivable but if you want a handgun you can get one. Shotguns, rimfire and bolt guns seem unaffected. Ammo wasn't too bad. I did notice that the same .223 I bought for 9 bucks (per 20rds) a box about a week ago went up to 13 and there is a limit of 5 boxes per customer.

The private party market here is crazy. Supply is catching up to demand but at stupid prices. Tons of guns worth $800 two weeks ago are now up for sale at 2 grand or more. Quite a few parts guns with total no name stuff I would not have paid $650 for 2 weeks ago are now up for sale for 2 grand or more. Folks have decided that WASR AK-47's are now worth $900 on up. It looks like a lot of folks have brought dusty rifles out of the safe to cash in on the hysteria.

The trades folks are trying to do are interesting. Folks seem to be fleeing .40 in favor of 9mm and oddball toys (PSL's, old Colt 1911's) for semi auto rifles like AK's and AR's. I don't know how many of these trades are actually executed but that's what folks are going for anyway.

Now to the next part of this post.

Has The Potential AWB Got You Doing Anything?

Personally I am not emptying our savings, maxing out the credit card or anything crazy. Have however pushed back some other things and prioritized the stuff we can use the most. I have bought or ordered about 14 various AR magazines plus a few 22 mags and bought about $400 in AR spare parts. A lot of this is really stuff that was on the list but hovering just below the level that gets acted on. Looking for another handgun or two if the right opportunity presents itself. That is about all I can do but really all we NEED to do so it is OK.

If you are doing anything to prepare for what may be coming please let us know in the comments section.


Pilgrim said...

I picked up a few spare Glock mags, but I'm pretty set otherwise.

I would like to get a few stripped lowers, but lack of money and demand will likely prevent that.

Doing some off the record selling, buying, and bartering.


Chris said...

Picked up some spare mags (at reasonable bulk sales prices). I wanted to have enough on hand for some charity/barter stock.

Ordered parts to finish AR builds which I have receivers for.

Picked up some ammo which was at reasonable prices. .22LR and .40 SW were still obtainable.

I did a lot of buying on Black Rifle Friday so that helped. I wish I had picked up a can or two of SS109 in Nov but oh well. I still have a decent stash of 5.56 around.

Would like another lower or two but we'll see.

2heavyb said...

We have discussed this recently and I hope people prioritize those bits of gear that are the more likely to be unavailable soon. Assuming you do have at least one rifle of the "assault" persuasion then standard cap mags are of huge importance. Same with handgun mags. Acquiring the pistol later shouldn't be that hard. But the magazines required to run either the pistol or rifle will more than likely be impossible to get very soon

Aesop said...

I'm comfortable whatever happens, but this is going nowhere.

You don't hand something you're serious about off to Joe Biden and some idjit commission. The hysteria is already acquiring a chill once you get away from the gun shops or anti-gun cable news.

Law enforcement sites are full of rank-and-filers who want to end gun-free zones, and arm either anyone with a CCW, or one to several staff/teachers, because they recognize that in an active shooter scenario, the local PD is the SECOND responder.

And the final nail is the, yet aain, falsely hyped lie that Mr. Dillrod used an assault rifle. Turns out, in fact, he used four pistols, and the rifle so vilified sat unused in his car trunk, where CT troopers recovered it after zombieboy was hardening up in rigor mortis.

Which is where prospects for any sort of AWB, ammunition, or magazine laws sould be relegated.

The number of NRA A-rated Democrats who've not walked, but hurdled back to safe pro-gun rhetoric in the last week is enough to kill any hope of this nonsense getting out of committee, and Harry reid isn't going to announce his retirement by slating DiFi's latest nonsense for a vote anytime soon.

Gen Patton said it best:
"Never take counsel of your fears."

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

I don't own an AR rifle or high cap pistol (sold them all years ago) so the "great panic" looks silly to me. Whats this? The fifth or sixth time everybodys lost there minds over Obama? But y'all have fun trying to get 2000$ out of that AK after this one blows over(BUT I PAID 60$ FOR THAT MAG!!!).Yeh but its still only worth 12$.

Ryan said...

@Chris, A lower to start a pistol build would be nice.

2heavyb, Mags are important for sure. Unfortunately they are (to put it nicely)a bit problematic to find these days. Thankfully if you are ready for things to go all red dawn you are ready for an AWB.

@Aesop, You may well have a point about Ole Joe. I hope you are right.

@ 6:07, Interesting point. Some folks who bought at the peak could well lose out on resale. Personally I picked up some stuff I might not have gotten any time some otherwise but only payed a $40ish premium over 2 weeks ago prices. An extra buck here or there is a bit different than paying 1,200 bucks for a WASR-10 or 2 grand for a no name AR.

Anonymous said...

"Folks have decided that WASR AK-47's are now worth $900 on up."

And very soon, not to be had any any price.


Ryan said...

Snoop, That is the other side of the coin.

Kang said...

I went ahead and dropped about $700 on reloading equipment at cabelas. Painful, but it seems like ammo price increases and short supply won't be going away anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm using this time to stock up on cleaning supplies, and other things- such as medical supplies. Can't afford it right now, and I am gambling on this being a "political posturing" that goes no where. If it does? Well, I would be screwed anyway, since I haven't trained on that potential AR that I would have panic purchased for twice the price (can't see me taking an "outlawed" gun to the range after the fact) I will redouble my efforts in other areas right now...

riverrider said...

i'm set, even thinking about cashing in on the hysteria. i have 20 ar mags on backorder, but don't expect to receive them, along with 3k rounds that has been on order since MARCH! if i cash out all my ar's i'll be a rich man again and will simplify logistics greatly. i'll still have my fal's. as far as conditions, its a madhouse. no 22lr available even, much less 223/308/9/45/40. used ar's are flying off the rack at 1900.00!!! new ones are long gone. mags by the ones and twos are going for 30 bucks when available. the local shop is basically being stocked from his home stash now. an ar lower that was 69.00 last month went for 400. one guy i know took out a LOAN to by an ar!!idiots. i'm holding out until the ban, might go 2.5 or 3k apiece:)

Max said...

Ah yes, I have taken advantage of 'the great panic' as well.

I didn't pay more than normal but I did get some more ammo, some pmags from someone who needed money now that the holidays are over.

I feel super comfortable, even if there are things I would like to have more of.

2heavyb said...

The ammo runs seem curious to me. I mean I know that has been a "back door" gun control tactic the left has entertained but this time I don't get it. Of course it could just be irrational panic from sheeple...hmmm I think I just answered my own question.

3rdman said...

Added a few more Glock 22 mags and some Magpuls to my stocks. I paid regular price for them since I purchased them from an LE dealer. They kept their price the same until they ran out. So no over paying here.

Another Anon said...

As to the ammo buying, there are many good reasons for it.

#1 People figure if this AWB passes, the balloon may start to go up and in that case, ammo will become unavailable.

#2 Ammo might be next on the ban list or limit list anyway.

#3 People think the US may collapse from other causes soon enough. They might be right

#4 You really can't have too much ammo

Anonymous said...

Bought a couple extra XDM mags, buckshot and .22 lr. Reasonably comfortable in other areas.

Legislators who take oaths they can't seem to remember (hint, includes the phrase "enemies foreign and domestic") can't be trusted, I'd rather have too much than too little.

Anonymous said...

I got on the buying frenzy the Monday after Sandy Hook. Already, my local Sportsman's Warehouse was out of most AR mags. I did pickup a few 20 rd and some Glock mags.

CDNN and Sportsman guide had them for a couple more days, but now they seem to be out as well.

Tony said...

Bought 10-30 rounders and 10-20 rounders for the extra AR receiver and parts kits I picked up this last week, as I keep an extra receiver and complete built parts kit for every AR I have, maybe silly to some people, but I like having some comfort.
Picked up another three ruger BX-25’s for the 10/22
Picked up three more hi-cap glock mags
Another 2,000 .22’s
Another 100 “00” buckshot
Another few white boxes of .40 and .45
Picked up extra CMMG .22 conversion kit for an AR w/three mags
Kershaw Knife
Leatherman Wingman multi-tool
Two high intensity handheld LED lights
Conventional Lee powder scale for reloading as backup to Dillon electronic scale
Lots of Captain Morgan rum on sale too, may need it!
Couple more cases of canned goods
Picked up some more silver
Considering buying an enclosed cargo trailer to store my preps?
Most of everything I bought was on sale this last month, just right before the panic, as I seen it coming, so I complimented my existing inventories, as I am looking good overall considering the circumstances. I learned my lesson on reloading supplies the last two times the panic occurred, so I stock piled enough primers, powder and casings for .40, .45 & .223’s. I also rotated my 70 gallons of fuel supply too. I was lucky enough to win an auction, picking up more Hardigg storage containers and Platt hard-side storage cases too, scored big on that deal. I took some time off this last week, checking out the local gun shops, heard some interesting stories. One shop employee decided to sell his less inexpensive personal AR-15, brought it out in front at the counter, held it up, one man said he would take it, told him $3,000 and he sold it. One store sold 462 black rifles in just over three days, as that was a few days ago, probably all sold out now. Our local Cabelas had three store employees stocking ammo only, it was coming off the shelves faster than they could stock it. One of the employees informed me that customers were getting into yelling matches at the counter, fighting over the purchase of the last few AR’s they had in stock. Not many .22’s rimfires, Hi-Cap mags or .223 left in my area, they disappeared quickly. Still waiting for the last case of .223 ammo ordered three months ago, guess I will be spending more time in the garage reloading. One customer in the store was panicking that he couldn’t find any 9mm, asked me where he could find some in any other stores, as I showed him plenty right behind him where he was standing. I was in the reloading section and one couple asked me for their help, they were buying reloading cast bullets, thinking they were buying stock ammo cartridges, WTF? Some people own guns who shouldn’t. It’s like the zombies at the range who load cartridges backwards in the mags LOL! Need some entertainment, hang out at the local gun stores or do a search on “AR-15” on Craigs list. My new girl friend doesn’t know about my prepping as yet, but she was somewhat looking at my supplies in my garage the other day, but didn’t say anything, guess its time for the talk……LOL! I guess I should hang a tarp over the shelves to conceal things somewhat or begin loading the Hardigg cases and eventually into a cargo trailer, it’s a toss up, over new needed roof, cargo trailer or girl friend, hummmm?

Chris said...


Yeah, I actually want a pistol lower and a GWACS/CavArms polymer lower for a lightweight build. Maybe an M&P 15-22 if funds allow.

We'll see.

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