Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Weekend Project

Anybody want to take a guess on what it is?


RedcrossReborn said...

Wow...very jealous!

On a side note:
I’m still new to this whole survival/prepper concept (thanks to Neil Strauss and then Rawles), and I wanted to take some training. I found a Surival school nearby and wondered if anyone here has heard anything about it? It is called Sigma III. Here is their page: http://www.survivalschool.us

Thanks for any feedback!

Ryan said...

9:07, Sorry, I do not know those folks.

Anonymous said...

AR15 lower parts kit. Where is the lower receiver?

Did one a couple years ago, not that difficult. But be careful installing the trigger guard, easy to break the hinge point if you are not careful.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing weekend project is AR Pistol kit ? Just a W.A.G. though.

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