Sunday, December 9, 2012

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

Think I missed this one last week but oh well. Been tweeking my EDG/ GHB. Added a bit more food.

This week a lot happened. We got the Sentry Safe Home Defender which is pretty sweet. Along those lines I put together some "bump in the night' pants with 2x rifle and pistol mags, a holster and an IFAK. They sit next to some soft body armor by the safe.

Also built the lower receiver for Project AR Upgrade so it doesn't have to mooch half of my other rifle anymore. Pretty psyched about that.

Also put some key electronics into a Faraday Cage which came, along with another ECWS sleep system, from Old Grouchs Military Surplus. I don't worry too much about the specific effects of various Black Swan type events but having a few key items protected from a variety of things including an EMP for a nominal cost seems smart.

Today we went and did the big shopping trip to finish stocking the pantry. Some extra cereal, spices, lots of dry pasta and sauce, extra PB and J and such. Since we move fairly often it doesn't makes sense to go too deep in this stuff but some sure seems smart.

Also filled up a 5 gallon gas can. Got to order some more of those tomorrow or whenever I get around to it.

Of course there was plenty of lifting weights, running and general fitness awesomeness.

Anyway that is what happened here this week. Hope you have been up to some good stuff too.

What did you do to prepare this week?


Commander_Zero said...

The usual...trip to CostCo, update the spreadhseets, doing some soupmaking and canning later today. If I can get motivated I'll run off a couple thousand rounds of .45 on the Dillon 1050.

Still need to take photos and write up a post reviewing some Augason Farms food I got a few weeks back.

highdesertlivin said...

Ordered a go bucket of 60 meals luch/dinner.picked up aroll of gorilla and reg duct tape , 2 34 energizer AA packs,Oh and my eotech 512 finaly got here. Good to have both m4s set up the same.Prep on bro's!

Andrew J. Jackson said...

Good call on stocking up on gas cans.

I'm buying every one I can find at garage sales...the old kind with the vent so that they pour well. The ones built to the new government specs spill too much.

Love Prepping said...

Dude, this is the boat that many preppers are missing! We must do a little but do it often. The added benefit of it is that you have to search out the best deals and prices on the things you're looking for. I'm still trying to find a place that deals specifically with prepping and survivalist supplies and lists updated sales, closeouts, coupon codes etc... If you know of such a place please let me know. It's too time consuming to visit each site every day looking for a sale item.

Love this site guys... awesomeness!

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