Sunday, December 16, 2012

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

This week we were kind of busy with a sick kid and Christmas as well as the usual mundane life stuff.

We picked up a battery charger for Wifey's cell phone, a big bag of food for Dog and some odds and ends of pantry stuff. Also Wifey found us a BBQ for $20 from some folks who were moving. The propane tank that came with it alone is worth twice that and the BBQ while simple is pretty new and in good condition. The BBQ is a win in terms of life but the propane tank is probably the bigger preparedness win.

I have been doing some wheeling and dealing in terms of guns. Definitely a lot of contacts lead to a few discussions which now and then brings about an actual transaction. Oh well that is the nature of the thing.

The Solo Stove was tested which was both fun and successful.  My rifle plates finally showed up which was cool.

Of course plenty of running and some lifting happened.  This coming week my schedule is a bit more open so I am going to work in more body weight stuff which has been a weak spot as of late and at least one road march. I have been eating pretty decently (well minus Friday night and Saturday) and that has been having some good effects on my body and performance.

Next week I am going to put some lead downrange. Also want to go over the kit for car 1 and put something together for car 2. In any other motivated time I will start reassembling the old BOB. Testing of the Pathfinder Trade Knife is close to done so a review will come out once my thoughts solidify.

What did you do to prepare this week?


Max said...

Picked up an interceptor and an IOTV with plates for super cheap.
6 days this week at the gym.
Finished the studs and insulation on the kitchen remodel.
Picked up a 'man purse' to be a little more organized each day. Bought some high cap 5.56 mags and a .308 pmag to test fit.

Chris said...

Went to the gym a bunch.
Dry fired a few days.
Ordered a stack of AR mags.

Stardraigh said...

Ordered more mags for my xd9, and 10/22. More ammo. More first aid items. Cleaned and organized the domicile yet again. Car Kit redone and vastly improved. Bug Out bag 99% done(I need like five more things and those are in the mail to arrive shortly.) Scrapped 72-hour kit(To be rebuilt later).

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