Monday, December 31, 2012

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

I filled up the gas and water cans. Have been fiddling with my everyday carry a bit. Speaking of which everybody who likes free holsters and water purification sport bottles should get their stuff together and enter our awesome contest. Also I made an appointment to get my eyes checked and pick up some more glasses.

A few 2A prep things happened this week.

Finally got around to joining the NRA. In the past I haven't been very concerned with them. However right now they need money and new members to bolster their street cred to protect our constitutional rights. Seriously if you are a gun owner but not an NRA member and can afford $30 a year I strongly suggest joining the NRA. Along those lines one quiet morning I took the time to write my senators and congressman.  We could debate the usefulness of this but it certainly does not hurt. The socialists statists democrats definitely have folks writing to press their case and FreeFor need to do the same thing.

Not saying I am somehow special for spending $30 to joint the NRA and doing a bit of writing to folks who probably will not listen but damn it I did something to help the situation. Doing anything positive is a lot more effective than just bitching about a situation you do not like. Maybe you can donate some money to good pro gun causes, or write elected officials and the  'letter to the editor' in the local paper. Maybe you can get other gun owners to do these things. For goodness sake do something.

Of course my efforts in this arena do not mean we haven't picked up a few last things. In general I abhor panic buying but if you have 5 minutes till the store closes you grab as much of the important stuff as possible. Thankfully we've been at this for awhile so it is more of a 'sprint through the finish' than a frantic dash to grab anything. Picked up another holster and a couple hundred rounds of good CCI .22 ammo. There isn't much out there I NEED at sane prices right now. Can use some more .223 but I am going to wait for things to normalize. 1) I think thing will calm down (well ammo at least) as supply catches up to demand and 2) my 'crazy' budget is beyond busted.

Anyway that is what I did to prepare this week. What have you been up to?


Anonymous said...

I attempted to buy a pair of Ruger BX25 magazines at a gun shop, but the price went up from $28 two weeks ago to $60 a piece - wth! Other shops did not have them in stock though . . .

Anonymous said...


Bought some AR and pistol mags. Added food to the pantry. Canned fruits and canned meats. Next month I will be adding more freeze dried #10 cans.

I was going to buy some metal but a lot of the budget went to the mags. I hated the prices and like you I don't like panic buying but their is a good chance that magazines are part of some compromise.

Picked up some basic medical from the pharmacy. Some gauze, antiseptics and extra meds for my youngest boy. He's type 1 diabetic so building up long term is a monthly priority.

Along those lines I have been working through energy needs to keep the refrigerator going if necessary. Looking at different solar panels and basic systems for energy. This will be my 2013 major prepping project. I want to put together a solar energy system to keep a few things going when the grid fails, whether short term or long term. I'll let you know how that's going.

Happy New Year,

Ryan said...

5:37, Now that you mention it I am happy to have picked up a handful of those myself.

Craig, For refrigeration. Typically this short term answer is a genny to run the kitchen stove. The best long term answer I have seen is a small propane powered fridge. Good luck,

Aesop said...

Good luck with the NRA, but at least you're doing something.

Somewhere aroundhere, I have a footlocker-sized plastic tote with 40 pounds of NRA maililngs suffered with a mere one-year sign-up.

I would send them double the dues annually if they'd promise to never send me anything by the monthly magazine, and ONE renewal reminder 30 days before my membership expired. Until they do that, I see their chief business as maintaining their business, and only a distant second with doing anything for gun owners.
Heller and McDonald didn't win them any good guy points either.

I've avoided the panic patrols at the local gun vendors since Sandy Hook. But it sure has thinned out the lines at the big box food vendors.

Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

All good things you did, except sending money to the NRA

It is a pro-gun ban organization that supported the '34, '68, and '86 gun bans.

The NRA supports "common sense gun regulations."

Stop payment on the check and join GOA or JPFOA if you'd like your money to go to orgs that support the basic human right to keep and bear weapons without apology or restriction.

Ryan said...

@militialaw, I guess for me the issue is whether those organizations are big enough to actually do anything. Maybe I'll join GOA in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I joined the NRA once too - also got 40 pounds of mail...I know for a fact that the mail they sent me cost more than my donation/dues, so can only conclude that they aren't being straight with what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

I live in NV and HReid is an embarrassment to our state. He supported Obummer, voted for Kagen and Sotomayor for SCOTUS. Talks big but does nothing pro 2A.

A week before his last re-election, NRA demoted him from "A" to "B+".

I am a life member and have not given up my membership. However, since that election, I have not sent them a dime. If their vote can be bought they do not need my money.

I DO send money to GOA, SAF, and other orgs. as I can.


Chris said...


GOA has ZERO legislative clout. I guarantee you that 95%+ of congressmen and their staffs have not even heard of GOA. Everyone has heard of NRA. Sorry, but its true.

I sent GOA $20 after Larry Pratt schooled Piers Morgan on CNN because I got twenty bucks of entertainment out of it, but I have no delusions about GOA's efficacy on the hill.

NRA is the "Committee of Safety" we have. You're a fool if you think otherwise. I agree that their record is troubling but they are the only show in town for something of this magnitude on the national level. It may suck but its the truth. Send NRA-ILA a check and a note that you expect them to fight tooth and nail with no compromise if they ever want to see another one.

Anonymous said...


Yes, "everyone" has heard of the NRA: a weak-willed organization that will fight tooth and nail for NICS and any other "reasonable gun law" that falls short of door kicking confiscation.

That's why you (and others) need to stop rewarding them for bad behavior and start rewarding lobbyist who take the 2A literally.

If that were to happen, then, "everyone" will hear of GOA/JPFOA.

Its easy.

Its cheap.

It works.

Ryan said...
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Ryan said...

Militia Law/ Chris,
It is kind of a chicken or the egg thing. Many people, myself included, are not going to donate to GOA until they have some clout and get things done. On the other hand until they have a few million members, some serious lobbyists and the ability to help or hurt legislators all of which take money they are not going to get that clout.

Anonymous said...

It feels like the 11th hour. I bought a ptr91 and another AR15. I bought many more mags and ammo. It sucked paying up for it.. but it will be far worse going without it. We will no longer languish in our preps. This panic forced us to look at all areas to identify where we were/are weak. We now feel urgency...

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