Monday, January 21, 2013

1 Long gun, 1 Pistol and 1 Knife

Saw this over at SHTF Blog and have been thinking about it ever since. We talked about our top 3 guns previously but the jump from 3 to 2 is a lot.

Pistol- Glock 19. A great compromise between conceal ability and capacity/ shootability. Also you just don't get any more common than a Glock 9mm. Though a Glock 17 would be fine also as the two aren't that different in size.

Long Gun- AR-15 with a CMMG .22 conversion kit. This is arguably gaming the question but since it is just a spare bolt and a magazine I don't think it is too ridiculous. I think arguing the technicality that the lower is the part and saying I would also have a 6.8 or 300 blackout upper would be gaming things. 

A narrow second place would be a Remington 870 with both long and short barrels. The Remington 870 is very versatile but the AR's ability to shoot .22lr gives a pretty good option to put meat into the pot. While you cannot LEGALLY hunt medium-large game with .223 I believe with decent shot placement and the right ammo it is a viable option.

Knife- I am sticking with knives as a discrete tool category and thus not slipping into machete's or hatchets or whatever. The knife would definitely be a fixed blade with a 4-5inch blade. The good old Ka Bar came into my mind but it is a bit too big for most tasks. Of knives I currently own the Pathfinder Trade Knife would be the best candidate. Of knives that are out there the new Benchmade Bushcrafter seems like a darn good candidate. I definitely want one and will eventually make the purchase.

Anyway those are my pistol, rifle and knife choices. What are yours?


Commander_Zero said...

Legalities about hunting with .223 vary from state to state. Some states have a minimum caliber requirement for 'big game' (deer, elk, bear, etc) and some states use a minimum-ft/lb (1000 ft/lb at 100 yards) guideline. Here in MT you can hunt with anything you want...I've seen geniuses out there hunting elk with .243's and when i ask them about this practice they say something incredibly stupid like "You just gotta hit 'em right". Well, hell, I could use baseball bat as long as I 'hit em right'. Usually most folks have enough sense to use enough gun, but I've seen a few folks out hunting deer with .22 Mag.

Ryan said...

Zero, In said limited scenario hunting would be more of a contingency thing. FWIW I believe .22lr has probably killed more deer than any other modern cartridge.

Anonymous said...

I have to go with what I have. Glock 22. Ar15. Gerber warrant. I would like an lmf 2 but I don't have the money. I also have a cold steel folder and tomahawk for shelter building if I can. I would like a. 22 conversion but again money us an obstacle that keeps me a cheap survivor.

TOW Gunner said...

I agree with Ryan. The .22 has been used by deer paochers for as long as its been around. Most people WAY underestimate the punch that a .22 carries.
Going with what I have... M1 carbine, Springfield 1911 .45, and my trusty Ka-Bar

Anonymous said...

I hope you have replacement parts for that 1911 ;)

Aesop said...

I didn't peruse the SHTFblog particulars, but I used to love the mental exercises like this once posted semi-annually on Kim DuToit's blog when he was at it.
("It's A.D. 1491, and you've been dropped off on the West Coast, and have to get to the East Coast...)

If we were dropping me someplace unknown and far from civilzation in some random chunk of prehistory, I'd go with a SOCOM M-1A in .308, a Ruger Mk II or III in .22LR with the 5 1/2" bull bbl., and a Becker Companion.

If we're just talking Zombie Apocalypse/annoying meltdown of civilization hereabouts in the not-so-distant future, it'll be an M-4gery in .223, a Glock 21, and that same Becker Companion.

Carvin66 said...

Personally I have my mini 14 in the back of my truck right now. My g26 rides in a black mamba iwb, spare g19 mag in a pocket. My Leatherman wave is on my belt.

Stephan Jordon said...

you look to be great gun lover and you scared me

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