Friday, January 25, 2013

Ammo Available at Lucky Gunner

I was curious about what sort of ammo is available online these days and went to Lucky Gunner to check. They are a pretty awesome company that has gotten plenty of business from me over the years:

They currently have

.357 magnum
.40 S&W
.45 acp
and the Venerable .45 long colt

Shotgun ammo is available in .410, and 12 gauge with available loads for every common need. They also have some 20 gauge slugs.

Rifle ammo is a bi polar market right now. At the time I write this Lucky Gunner has a few boxes of .223 but no 7.72x39 or .308. However .22-250, .243, .270, 30-30, 30'06 and 300 win mag are all solidly available as are a variety of other rounds like the old WWII era cartridges and random mags/ short mags. Generally speaking this mirrors the trend that the modern defensive rounds are unobtanium but common sporting rounds are widely available.

The point is that you can stock up on ammo for most weapons easily. No need to pay insane prices for the one box of ammo they choose to have on the shelf at the local gun shop (keeping the rest in the back to promote hysteria). Pistol and shotgun ammo is (except 9mm) not a problem. If you are caught seriously short for a defensive rifle it might not be a bad idea to go a bit deeper on ammo for the old deer gun. No they are not semi automatic goodness but they are solid rifle cartridges.

Yes prices are a bit higher than a month ago throughout the supply chain which inevitably affects the final customer which is you guys. If you are seriously short I would suck it up and buy what you need while you KNOW you can. On the other hand if you are beyond a few hundred rounds or a case per caliber/ gun one could decide to let things calm down for a few months. That is however a risk and thus a pretty personal decision.

Anyway those are my .02 cents on that.


Anonymous said...

Its amazing when we have to send a 'heads up' on what was formerly pretty commonly found ammunition. Well, .45LC isn't that common and a couple of years ago, .380 became REAL SCARCE for a while, but the others used to be everywhere. I'm looking for some #1 12 buck right now, read some recent reviews of that size being the perfect size in self protection.

Not slamming you for the post(in fact Thanks!), but these are Strange Times indeed.

Ryan said...

Yes it is. .45 long colt is a round that most shops seem to have 1 or 2 dusty boxes of. I suspect most of the people who actually rely on it reload.

.380 supplies are paper thin at the bests of times.

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