Saturday, January 19, 2013

Book Review: Brushfire Plague by RP Ruggiero

Brushfire Plague is a book about a man by the name of Cooper, his family and community during a Pandemic that makes the 1918 Spanish Flu seem like a case of the sniffels. While everything falls apart our hero Cooper tries to hold things together and figure out what is going on. Onto the usual format.

The Good: I was sucked into the book and pages flew by. Most characters were pretty normal and the action was (except 1 scene we will discuss later) pretty realistic.

The Bad: The way things fell apart seemed a bit off to me. At one point the main character goes to the grocery store to stock up because of the pandemic and ends up shooting a guy. He skips paying, pushes the cart to his vehicle and goes home. This was the local neighborhood grocery store. I do not think that was at all realistic.

The Ugly: Sort of like Lights Out the characters seemed to magically stumble into enough food and weapons to be fine. For vague reasons their little subdivision was just fine while the rest of the area went all Mad Max. There was one survivalist in the bunch who conveniently had a whole bunch of guns to pass out to friends which was just too convenient.

Overall I would recommend Brushfire Plague to others. It is solidly enjoyable survivalist fiction.


Chris said...

I also thought the character's emotional depth was sorely lacking. They'd see or experience something super traumatic, be all sad, then be A-OK again in a few minutes.

"My wife just died, I saw a family eaten by mutant cannibals, and I had to kill a man... Boy, what a rough day... SQUIRREL! Ok, all better!"

You don't have enough weapons to arm a squad minus? :-P What's wrong with you?

Ryan said...

@ Chris, That is a good point.

There are definitely gun people out there but it was awful convenient.

LyndaKay said...
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