Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Brass vs Steel Ammo in the AR Torture Test and Buttstock Reliability

Our awesome advertisers at Lucky Gunner did a torture test of brass vs steel cased .223 ammo using 4 rifles and 40k rounds. Pretty darn interesting.

Military Times did a M4 butt stock stress test. I have not seen a trend in M4 butt stock issues but it is worth reading none the less.


Chris said...

Good info.

I need a spare barrel and extractor.

Good thing I shoot M193 and SS109 almost exclusively. Wolf and Brown Bear go through the AK, not the AR...

Ryan said...

Chris, An extractor is cheap. Like a few bucks. Should be part of a fairly basic repair kit along with an ejector, firing pin, and a variety of other little pins and springs.

A spare barrel would be nice. I will add that to the long list.

We shoot brass cased through the AR also.

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