Saturday, January 26, 2013

EDC Contest Entry #20 Meister

Hey Folks, I am pleased to bring another entry for our EDC Contest. First we will quickly recap what is going on. The broad strokes are this. I want to share and discuss the stuff we carry around every day AKA EDC. Taking pictures of our stuff and talking about it is my goal.

The prizes will be as follows:
1st Place: 3 Sport Berkey Water Bottles donated by LPC Survival ($69 value)
2nd Place: 1 Blackhawk Holster donated by ($50 value)
3rd Place:  1 Snare-Vival-Trap cough garote cough donated by Camping Survival ($17 value)

Wildcard: This one goes to whoever I want to give it to for whatever reason I feel like. It will be a grab bag donated by yours truly. The exact makeup is TBD depending on what I have lying around  and may include books, gear, medical stuff or even a couple silver dimes. ($30+  value)

Check out the details and my example post here. 

 Onto Entry #20

Hi I am Meister. I'm from Indiana. I've got a blog as well. Feel free to peruse mine and link whatever you wish.
My EDC kit. 

Primary Firearm- Glock 29 10mm with ClipDraw and Saf-T-Block installed. Having no holster at all really frees up options for having this firearm. I can carry it with basketball shorts in the summer without worry of printing. Most holsters add at least 1/4 inch to the thickness of the firearm so it's nice to not have that added bulk. The Saf-T-Block rests behind the trigger and keeps the weapon safer when in the ready condition. It is pushed out as soon as you put your trigger finger in the guard. No added time to the draw. I keep Silvertips or Powrball in the mags. I keep it in the 2 o'clock or 4 o'clock position depending on what I'm wearing. Spare mag goes in the left mag pocket on the Blackhawk pants I'm wearing. I chose the 10mm because of it's stopping power. Anyone hit well with a 10 won't stand up and walk away. They will be assuming room temperature and stop whatever it was that was endangering me.

Secondary Firearm- Ruger LCP 380acp. Nice and easy to conceal. I keep it in my right front pocket. It has ball ammo in it. The 380 round isn't the strongest so I want as much penetration or a full through shot to make the assailant bleed out asap. It's in a blackhawk pocket holster.

Flashlight- Cheapo LED in case I drop it of leave it somewhere. Tired of buying Surefire lights.

Keys- Gotta have em!

Knife- Cold Steel Spartan. I'm doing a long term test on it. I've had it for a few months now, not the best, not the worst. It's a biggun!

Wallet- keep receipts and CC's in it along with licenses. It's a Ghurka that my wife bought me for Christmas in 2006. Been a great one! It's got a couple booboo strips in it as well.

Dental Floss- for getting lunch out of my teeth!

Watch- Tag Heuer Link Chrono. Another gift from the wife. Had it since 2003? Great watch, well made and keeps great time.

Cash Money- Even though it's not worth the paper it's printed on, people prefer it. I keep this in a zip pocket.

I've tried several combinations of this kit and this is the one I always go to. I still prefer my old Beretta Airlite knife, but I must make sacrifices for testing. If I'm wearing a formal shirt that is tucked in I'll lose the Glock and keep the LCP in my front pocket. Whatever it takes to stay concealed. 

I'm usually near my truck which has a complete get home bag in it as well as a long arm. I keep the stuff in my pockets simple. Less is more when you've got to pack it around. That kitchen sink won't help you run any faster, nor will it do anything but slow you down when you have to fight. Thanks for the great blog!



Anonymous said...

Off topic: Been re-reading through several months of your recent posts. Consider some of those post about "panic buying", "10$ pmags", "semi-auto rifle options", etc. All pre-Sandy Hook.

Interesting, ain't it?


Ryan said...

Snoop, It is. Honestly I got significantly more worried about a potential ban after President Obama's reelection. Turns out that wasn't lacking in merit.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. Sometimes "paranoid" is just another way of saying "prescient".


Meister said...

Well said Snoop. Everyone made fun of me when I bought a foot locker full of GI mags after the ban ended. I've been buying Pmags 10 at a time for 10.50 with shipping. I don't really care for the Pmags, but the price/performance index is off the charts. Glad to see so many like minded people out there disseminating info to the masses.

Excellence is the residue of preparation.

Anonymous said...

"Great minds", Meister... The guys I work with laugh at me because, I'm the guy who buys magazines for guns I don't even own. I'm reading now that, in anticipation of DiFi's new AWB failing, the dummy-crate are going to target full-cap magazines, specifically.


Anonymous said...

Meister is a sexy bastard.

kevenman said...

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