Saturday, January 26, 2013

Five For Sure

I like this saying. Would argue that a Glock 19 (and its S&W MP and XD contemporaries) is 15 for sure but this package is smaller and a lot lighter. It is a catchy saying all the same.


Kim said...


Max said...

Looks good, perfect for your inside thigh holster!
but seriously, that's a nice plugger

highdesertlivin said...

Well played sir.

TEOTWAWKI Blog / Alexander Wolf said...

Nice! Let me know how the laser grips work out.

Ryan said...

Alex, Actually I swapped them out today for boot grips. Will see how those work then maybe sell the laser ones. They were not something I wanted but something I got in the package.

OldGuy said...


Save the CTC grips.
Right now you're young and fit, but long before that gun is gone, just like messhall coffee, you'll become old and weak.

When you reach the point that seeing either sight without a pause to reach for glasses, contacts, and a bright light, is nigh-impossible (and that day will come) you'll appreciate beyond description the ability to dispense with that in return for a light press on the CrimsonTrace grip trigger, and knowing thus exactly where your rounds will land. Especially if it's at zero dark thirty and something in the front room goes bump.

I still have 20/15 vision these days unassisted, just as long as we're talking about 4' and further away. And my arms aren't that long. Yours won't be either, come the day.

Ryan said...

Old Guy, That is a solid point. I can't see using them for carry as they are fairly large for the gun. On the other hand some day it might be used as a house/ get off me gun and but bigger grip would be less of an issue. Have no imminent plans to sell anything.

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