Friday, January 4, 2013

Fix Is On- There Wasn't An AR-15 Involved in Sandy Hook?

So it turns out the asshat who shot all those kids in Connecticut did not have a Bushmaster AR-15 with him at all. This fear driven propaganda is just an excuse to push a totalitiarian socialist progressive agenda to disarm law abiding Americans.


Chris said...
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Chris said...

This video has been making the rounds. It is the only source for the "handguns only" thesis that I've seen thus far.

One newscaster who doesn't know an AR-15 from a Saiga from an Airsoft gone is not an authoritative source.

I also find it sketchy that the records are sealed for 90 days but am not willing to say that an AR-15 was not involved based on one newscaster. I would rate this source as a "D3" source on the topic of firearms.

D = Not Usually Reliable: Significant doubt about authenticity, trustworthiness, or competency but has provided valid information in the past
3 = Possibly True: Not confirmed; reasonably logical in itself; agrees with some other information on the subject

Ryan said...

@ Chris, Don't necessarily disagree.

I don't think we will actually know till the coroners reports come out or the trial.

All we really KNOW is that mom owned one.

3rdman said...


The MSM is very much anti gun. This is one of those time I would have to believe them about the AR15 not being used. The point is they have nothing to gain by reporting it. They meaning the MSM have everything to gain on reporting that an AR15 was used because it futhers thier agenda.


No trail the suspect is dead. What we are now awaiting is the completion of the police investigation which will then be review by thier DA's office and then release to the public. All the information will have to be released under the law because there are no pending criminal case. I do see a judge preventing the release of some crime scene photos though showing the dead children. That is not uncommon.

3rdman said...

Sorry Trial not Trail

Joshua said...

The fact that the ar-15 was discovered in the trunk of his vehicle had been reported only on police blogs and news sites. I remember reading that at both and the articles are written by police or the links to news c overage are chosen by an leo..usually designed to inform the leo community and typically has no political motivation

Joshua said...

milton f said...

Ol' Remus at had a link to a lamestream media video a couple weeks ago that indicated that the AR was found in the trunk.

Problem is - an FBI report said the hallways were loaded with .223 casings.

If both of those things ARE TRUE, then where did all the .223 casings come from?

Uncle Milton at

Ryan said...

3rdman, Blind flash of the obvious. Dead perp= no trial.

All, Lots of things floating around. Baring some compelling evidence I think that some agenda's may well be in play.

3rdman said...


The left always has an agenda, which never has our best interest in mind!!!

Never let a good crisis go to waste!!!

Anonymous said...

It's all about dis-information which confuses the low level info person. All apart of the New World Order propaganda. We will never know the truth or why.

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