Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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Teotwawki Blog did an excellent Snub Nose Gear Roundup.

A journalist was not treated very nicely when he asked if Mayor Bloomberg was giving up his armed security. The classic elitist liberal position that chosen ones deserve the best protection the public purse will buy but us peasants can dial and die. Bet they aren't packing neutered 7 round mags either.

Assault Weapons ban does not have the votes to pass the senate. Next step is to protect our right to be full people unlike New Yorkers who are 7/30ths as important as chosen ones. After that we tell them to keep away from law abiding citizens right to buy and sell their private property with other law abiding citizens. Enforcing the gun laws we have would be a good start.

The lost art of cut shells.

Detroit edges closer to bankruptcy.

About every centerfire rifle in existence is just waiting to be redefined as a cop killer.


Anonymous said...

Not really sure how the cut shell idea works. If you remove or open your shotgun's action, you can see the chamber mouth has a ledge where the shell folds open out, allowing the interior shot column to pass through.

When you cut the shell, the ENTIRE SHELL is now forced through the bore - does that sound safe ?

I know they did this in 'Olden Tymes', but in times of desperation. Before I try this, I'd do further research is all I'm saying.

Anonymous said...

Me again - easy way to try this is try fitting your shotgun shell through the MUZZLE of your barrel and note if there is a tight fit.

I truly wish this was safe - definitely sounds like a way to make a large bore Glazer round.

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