Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gun Store Watch

Yesterday I saw the following mags:

Ruger Mini 30 (7.62x39) factory Magazines. About a half dozen of them. These will probably stick around unless the 1 dude who owns that rifle is Southern Arizona comes and gets them all.

S&W MP magazines. A bunch of them. Like the higher capacity ones in 9, 40 and 45. They were running $37 a pop but they were there.

CZ 75 mags. These guys are something like $50 a piece.

XD mags seem to be continually present.

All the new Beretta Storm/ PX4/ whatever mags were available.

In terms of guns pistols are selling like crazy but widely available. Could be that most decent gun shops have a lot of them (the Glock line, Sig line, S&W, etc) in comparison to black rifles. Black rifles are trickling in and flying out. Shotguns (pump) and bolt guns are totally available.

.223 is like the way too hot for the party but down to earth cool girl in that it is totally absent. I've seen a box or two 7.62x39 and .308 intermittently. You might not be able to get your favorite load but some sort of ammo is available. The venerable .22 long rifle is pretty thin. You are seeing the 50 and 100 round boxes of the more expensive stuff, there isn't an en cheapo brick of .22 to be had.

How are things in your neighborhood?


riverrider said...

not even as good as your area. a handful of well used ar mags, mostly 20 rds and 30 bucks. no ammo except 17, 22 magnum, and 40s&w for some reason. a couple ar's coming in on consignment,proffit takers. i searched online all i got was cheapo 45acp, and 10 pmags. went back a few minutes later, they were both out of stock. any decent ammo is 100% higher or more. my gunshop told me when they went to reorder 22lr, they quoted 19.95, for FIFTY rds! glad i have about 20,000 :) seriously considering cashing in on the hysteria. been squirreling away goodies for years, can't take it all with me.

2heavyb said...

I am leaving Kalifornia soon. Heading home to Texas for good. What store has those mini 30 mags? Just happens to be a "backup" and I might be able to swing by there?

Ryan said...

2heavyb, Send me an email

chadow10 said...

Let's see....there are several AK's in the Russian 5.56, S&W AR in. 22, several AR platforms with 14 inch barrels (registration required). Absolutely no pistol mags in anything over ten rounds. There are a few pistols on the rack....lots of Kimber and Sig. Both of my shops had baby desert eagles. I watched 3 guys in a row look at a Marlin 9mm carbine from the 80's. There were several colt 30 round magazines at one store for $35 a piece. So glad I got an Are last year!

Anonymous said...

SE Wisconsin: No 9mm to be had, except at range, where they were rationing. No .45 either. For some reason, there does seem to be .40 everywhere I look. .22 is scarce as well. No 7.62x39, and very limited 5.56 NATO. 30.06 is everywhere, however.

Few black rifles in stock anywhere, and those that are, as riverrider pointed out, are consignment profit takers. Had a guy at the range offer me a Galil for $3000, magazines sold separately (um, no...) Handguns are still widely available.

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