Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Can Haz AR Pistol?

After selling the revolver I decided as a lark to put an ad up looking for a stripped lower. The price I gave was not as good as it was a month ago but wasn't totally insane either. Anyway somebody must have been looking out for me because it worked. Now I  do not have to wait for things to get back to normal to pick up a stripped lower. Would not have purchased it if future availability was not uncertain.

My long term goal is to build an pistol a lot like Arctic Patriot Northern Plains Pilgrim's sweet AR Pistol. No timeline on this. I was barely whole from Project AR when this whole current mess happened. The preps I have made in case of a ban have left the gun fund as solid as the medicare trust fund. There are a few things more pressing on the gun/ defensive stuff list (not to mention all the other lists;) so it might not even happen this year. Anyway there isn't a huge hurry as an AR pistol is definitely a nice to have not a need.

So it was a pretty good day today. Hope your trades and purchases are going just as well.


Pilgrim said...



Mine is sitting @ 100% now. I added a Primary Arms Red dot, a Magpul ASAP, MS3 sling, and the RSA attachment to make the MS3 usable as a 2 point sling.

You won't be sorry!

Ryan said...

AP, Very Nice!

Commander_Zero said...

It's been a while since I've dicked around with AR pistols, but unless things have changed I think that in order for you to build it as a pistol it has to be logged in the manufacturers books as such. At least, that's how I think it used to be. That is to say, if when they slapped the serial number on it they logged it into their books as a rifle it cant be made into a pistol even though it has never been assembled into anything before.

At least, Im pretty sure thats how it goes...maybe theyve changed it. But you might wanna check into it lest you accidentally build an SBR.

Chris said...

I have been thinking about an AR pistol as well and have been looking into the rules.

If the original purchaser checked "RIFLE" on the 4473, than the stripped lower is forever a rifle. It cannot become a pistol without an SBR tax stamp.

The original 4473 needs to be checked as "PISTOL" or "RECEIVER," AND it needs to have never been built into a rifle.

Be careful. If you build a pistol out of this receiver, and every have to use it for defensive work, the 4473 may well be traced and scrutinized.

Chris said...

Found it! Scroll down to the ATF letter posted by "DonFerrando."

It specifically states "make certain your dealer does not describe them as 'rifle' on ATF Form 4473."

If you bought this in a private sale you should ask the buyer where they bought it and see if the FFL will show you the original 4473.

I would personally never make an AR pistol out of a private sale lower unless I'd seen the original 4473 with my own two eyes.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see someone come out with a sports style stock with a thumb hole to eliminate the pistol grip when one might need to.

TEOTWAWKI Blog / Alexander Wolf said...

Nice find.

AR pistols are interesting for the fact that they are *ALMOST* and SBR without needing the NFA paper work. Yes, no real stock, but the receiver extension/buffer tube can serve much the same purpose.

There are a lot of legal issues one needs to be aware of, though. Good luck!

Ryan said...

Gentlemen, From what I can tell over the last few years stripped receivers have been sold as "other/ stripped receiver" which accurately reflects their status. This one would fall into that group.

Am of course going to confirm the status of said lower before beginning a build, let along buying a 10.5in upper.

Ryan said...

This receiver was listed as 'other'.

Chris said...

I bought a receiver that was checked as "rifle" a few months ago. Good luck! I'm jealous of your project.

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