Tuesday, January 15, 2013

If Things Go Back To Normal I Will Buy....

After identifying some relative shortages this is about what I will buy over the course of the next year if things go back to normal.

-6 Glock 17 mags

-5 Ruger BXP 25 rd mags
-4 more 33rd factory Glock 9mm mags

-3 cases of ammo (2x223, 1x 9mm)

-2 75rd Eastern European surplus AK drums and

-1 AR-15 stripped lower receiver

What would you buy? Try to be realistic. I would LIKE to get an AR pistol, a PTR-91, an Arsenal AK, 100 various mags and 10 cases of ammo but that would not be realistic for me in the 1 year time frame given. Also you do not have to stick with the count down format I did that just make it a bit more fun.

PS: Sorry for the short post it has been a crazy day and I am done. Going to have a couple beers, watch Vegas and go to bed. Will have something good tomorrow, I promise.


Aesop said...

I like the premise, but screw normal. I'm not going near gun stuff with money until even the whisper of new restrictions has died after a good, hard, beating with heavy clubs.

My next acquisitions will be an improved NOD, an IR laser, and concealable body armor.

And augmenting a useful assortment of pet antibiotic products to better care for the needs of my fishy friends.

None of which, at this point, gets anyone's panties in a twist, or requires a retinal scan and DNA sample, even in this screwball state.

Ryan said...

Aesop, You bring up a good point. I do need an IR laser.

Meister said...


3 more LR20 Pmags

2nd set of armor for the wife

DMR ar upper

AR spare parts

10 Glock 19 mags

5 hi cap Ruger 10/22 mags

More 22 ammo, like 10k rounds

Chris said...

An AR lower registered as a pistol.

Spare AR BCG.

Spare upper, or at least a spare barrel.

A three pack of other sripped lowers, even if they are just cheap polymer ones.

Basic reloading gear.

Consider pulling the trigger on going from 40 to 9mm.

More cheap HK91 mags at $2 each even though I don't own the rifle. Maybe some M14 mags, as if I got a 30 cal semiauto rifle it might be an M1A.

Considering strongly getting into the night vision game.

Or, if things go badly, I'll get a boat so I can have a boating accident with all my black rifles. :-P Then I'll get a 1911 or revolver and another lever gun.

Commander_Zero said...

My buddy the gold/silver dealer has a 'subscription' plan. You pick an amount of metal, and every month he automatically bills you for that amount and sends it to you...a fire-n-forget way to build up a supply of precious metals. I may wind up doing something similar with stripped AR lowers. Middle of every month, have Stag automatically send me one and bill my debit card.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the BX25 magazines - last I saw them in person, $60 a piece was the price. Two weeks earlier, $25 was going price.

riverrider said...


Anonymous said...

Your problem is your assumption that things will go back to normal. We may be lucky if the new normal is simply an empty supply chain with insane prices. Reality may be even worse -- economic collapse combined with a hot 4th gen civil war against a tyrannical genocidal government.

Ryan said...

6:42, The point is IF THINGS RETURN TO NORMAL.

9:24, This is a hypothetical question for folks to think through not an assumption. I am not entirely sure what will happen so am playing it safe in terms of my personal actions and not laying out any predictions.

LyndaKay said...

Because we can't predict the future, perhaps "dollar cost averaging" like investors suggest for buying stocks and mutual funds would be a way to pick up some things on your wish list, such as ammo. Buy some each month and it may average out over the months of the crazy highs and hopefully lows to come.

TurtleBurt said...

FYI: I don't know how far it will get but keep and eye on it a continue to writing your legislatures.

H.R.142 -- Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act of 2013 (Introduced in House - IH)

HR 142 IH


1st Session

H. R. 142

To require face to face purchases of ammunition, to require licensing of ammunition dealers, and to require reporting regarding bulk purchases of ammunition.


January 3, 2013


highdesertlivin said...

Alittle off subject, I went to midway to just take a peak and see iff any 223 had restocked. Lo and behold they had fioche 62 gr in the 50 rd. box for 21.72 . I promply ordered 10 boxes. I then texted couple of buddies. Next morning I rechecked my order to make sure it wasnt bs, and they were sold out again. Point being keep checking, apparently theres some trikling in. Stay safe.UU

Archer Garrett said...

Suddenly, more mags seem desirable to me. Or "clips" as all the cool kids on tv call em.

If they only knew that somewhere in the world, a little baby kitty dies a horrible death at the hands of a brutal 19th century farm implement, every time they use the word "clip"

Oh. the. humanity.

TEOTWAWKI Blog / Alexander Wolf said...

Archer -

Didn't you know? The media has decided they are now called high capacity magazine clips, not magazines.

Ryan -

I've actually been thinking about this exact topic, and in terms of my two young sons. While I think a new AWB is unlikely at this point, this mess has me looking 2, 4, 10, 20 years down the line - what are the odds that we'll get some stupid legislation in that time period? Pretty darn high, I'd say.

So, I'm starting to think in terms of "generational supply", which is a big shift for me, personally. So...

- ARs for each family member, plus a few dozen magazines, plus spare parts, plus several cases of ammo, per family member. 5k rounds each would be good.
- Glocks for each family member, plus a set of magazines, plus spare parts, plus several cases of ammunition
- 10/22s for each family member, plus mags, spare parts and several cases of ammunition

Add on a pretty comprehensive reloading set, basic gunsmithing tools and so on.

In addition, for me:
- a case of PMAGs (100)
- 20-ish Glock magazines
- 5-10k of 5.56mm
- 5-10k of 9mm
- AR pistol
- Really nice high-end AR
- AR-10, set of magazines and cases of ammunition
- some variety of 9mm carbine
- If I could scrape together the cash, a belt-fed semi auto.

As-is, I'm going to pick up a shotgun in the near future - ammo a-plenty for the good ol', Obama and Biden approved shotgun.

Anonymous said...

I am straying from the usual wishlist. When I have the money I am actually thinking of acquiring a 7mm-08 rifle. I want an oddball that I do not have to worry about ammo not being on a shelf due to panic purchasing.


2heavyb said...

Realistically, address the deficiencies I previously discussed. Plates and carriers for me and her, spare parts for the hardware I do have, optics, more food storage and a big berkey. There will be other thing's on the list but these are the glaring shortcomings. Mags and more ammo are always welcome BUT the p-mags I found today for $50.00? That will have to wait until this mythical state of normal returns that Ryan is talking about

Braneu said...

Probably, 15 P-mags, 1680rnds 5.56, A Concealed carry pocket gun with 3 mags, a LBV with plate holders(So later on I can get plates.), and a Trijicon 1-4x scope(Forgot the model.) with a LaRue SPR mount.

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