Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Niche Gear

Do you have something that isn't used often but sometimes it is just right?

For me a shoulder holster is a great example of this. I generally do not like them as a way to carry. To conceal it you have to wear a pretty heavy over garment so you could pack OWB on the belt anyway. However for long car trips a shoulder holster is the ticket. Far more comfortable and accessible than any other on the body option. The one I am using these days is a Galco Miami Classic which was previously reviewed. A great holster but pretty spendy which drives a lot of folks away from them. Once upon a time I had a Blackhawk Shoulder Holster. You will not mistake it for a Miami Classic however it worked just fine at a cost I could afford at the time.

Another nitch item I have is a Hill People Gear Kit Bag. I haven't really reviewed it but TEOTWAWKI Blog did a solid review awhile back. This piece of gear is the answer for concealed carry with a heavy pack. However that isn't something I do much. Probably shouldn't have bought it when I did but oh well. They are a cool company and it is a good product. In coming years as the kids get older and we are more active in the outdoors it will earn it's keep. Still really want a Mountain Sarape. It seems like a woobie on steroids that can do a lot of things.

What is a niche piece of gear for one person might be a key EDC item for another. A longtime co conspirator carries his High Power in a Miami Classic every day. On the other hand a leather IWB holster like I use all the time is rarely in his rotation. Different lifestyles and situations make some items more important and others less so.

Common sense says you should not put much energy or money into nitche items until the more everyday ones are addressed. However at some point it makes sense to get a few useful items even if they are not useful all the time. While I do not like throwing money at problems sometimes there is just a right tool for the job and it makes sense to have that tool.

What nitche items do you own and use?


Max said...

I have a spoon/fork/knife combo. It's made by light my fire and was a gift from someone a few years ago. It's lightweight and I can't be without it.

Right now it's covered in yogurt from a snack earlier. That's my super high tech niche gear item.

Anonymous said...

A small pair of pruning scissors. Absolutely fantastic for gathering / cutting tinder for fire, I can cut while still on the tree and make very manageable pieces to burn. Its only about 4" in overall length but its saved me a bunch of time over the years. Great when dusk is fast approaching. Fits my kit bag very handily.

Also, the metal can opener / spoon - keep that in my truck cab, has provided many an impromptu meal.

Anonymous said...

My Stihl 660 chainsaw with 30 inch bar. Pretty big for most applications but I'm addicted to powerful chainsaws.

Creative Competitive Advantage said...

It's true! It's alright to have something that you don't use all the time but you can definitely use it in some other time. And maybe some of them can be the start of your collection.

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