Sunday, January 6, 2013

Reader Question: Goal 0 Yetti 150 Solar Charger

Anybody have personal experience with Goal 0 equipment? What about the new Yetti 150 Solar charger? If so please chine in with your thoughts. Thanks,


Anonymous said...

I picked up the Nomad 7 and the Guide 10 combo (7w panel and the 4AA charger/flashlight). They work pretty well. I looked at the larger systems like the Yeti, but haven't taken the plunge yet. Yeti looks like it handles some decent output compared to the older Extreme 350 setup.
I hear some people complain about them being pricey for what you get, but I think you always pay a premium for turn-key / idiot-proof solutions (but if you are really handy, sure... go buy some panels, a charge controller, a battery and an inverter and save a couple bucks). I also saw some folks complaining about the durability...I haven't had an issue so far and they do seem to be designed for the outdoors type of person. Standard manufacturing defects perhaps? Anyway, they seem to be a decent way to make power in a portable fashion. My $.02

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...that *is* a small package for 30W, and the carrying case is nice if you're going to bang it around (ie: a car or RV), but honestly, for that and one of the power packs you're in for $500. As mentioned above, if you want foolproof, fine...but you seem like a handy guy to me :)

For that money, you can get a pretty nice DIY rig.
15 W mono panel + charge controller $65
15W panel alone $55

So, that's $120 + shipping, call it $150 with some $7-10 extra connectors. $350 left for batteries and inverters - 2-3 nice deep cycle batteries $300 and $30 for a decent 750W inverter, $20 for a 150W inverter.

IMO you should get a variety of inverters to match your power needs. Those inverters spin up the capacitors full of electrons in case the device needs them, and is a constant drain on the battery. Good explanation thread here:

I experimented with 30W solar + car battery (not the best I know) powering a water pump on a timer for my garden this summer. My 750W inverter drained a car battery stone dead overnight. The 150W drained it over just a few days.

Here's the brand I got (not sure if it's exact same listing):


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