Thursday, January 3, 2013

Solo Pot, Perfect to go With Your Solo Stove

The good folks at Solo Stove have got a pot to go with it called the  Solo Pot. They look like a solid piece of kit which is to be expected considering the source. Aside from being stainless steel and generally well made another big plus is that the Solo Pot can nest with the stove inside it. The capacity is 900 ml AKA just a bit less than a liter. Right about perfect for 1-2 person cooking of simple dishes. The pour spout and volume markings in ounces and liters are also nice touches.

I really enjoy using my solo stove and am looking forward to testing the companion pot in the near future. Maybe I will use it test some more survival food. Likely the pot will go right alongside the stove in my bug out bag. Anyway I figured you all would want to know about this cool product.


AM said...

Do you have a Red Solo Cup to go with the set?

Aesop said...

Liked the pot I saw on their site when you reviewed the Solo stove.

Silly me, spent all than time a few years back cutting and pounding out a lid for a GI issue canteen cup from stainless stove burner covers, and NOW these guys come out with this.

I tell ya there's no justice.


Ryan said...

AM, Naw a steel water bottle and cup.

Aesop, Pick up one of these and make the redneck setup your backup.

Anonymous said...

My only gripe with this one is it might be tricky getting a bail hung on this one, the recessed lid being what it is and all. Other than that - very cool!

Ryan said...

5:13, I will be reviewing one shortly and can tell you my thoughts then.

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