Sunday, January 13, 2013

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

Things were pretty crazy here getting used to having the new little one at home. All is well with child #2 but it is a lot to adjust to.  Still managed to get a few things done.

I sold a revolver to free up some cash and make room for a new gun. Leaning pretty hard towards a smaller stainless .357 magnum but we will see if something cool pops up. Then again I am going to re look what is on the gun/ defensive accessory list and maybe just wipe it out.

Spent some time more with the Solo Stove and think I've pretty much figured it out. Just got to fiddling with the Solo Pot 900. Pretty psyched about that combo.

This weekend a lot of time went into working on my systems. The EDC bag was totally stripped down. After taking all preparedness stuff out of it I reinserted a personal survival kit, one of those heavier space blankets, a cheapo first aid kit and a pouch for a steel water bottle. Need to pick up a bottle of water purification tablets to go in there and it will be good to go.Will probably talk about it this week.

The rest of the stuff plus a bit more went into a commercial hiking style backpack. I added a few more things and it is shaping into a pretty decent heavy get home bag/ bug out bag. Need to go over it again and plug a few small holes then things should be good to go. We will talk more about this once I finish the last little bit.

Coming up next week I am going to order a few odds and ends. Also plan to keep working my systems and talk about the stuff in my EDC bag. Speaking of EDC bags Teotwawki Blog is doing a series on them which should be interesting. May change mine a little bit based on stuff that comes up there. Also Wifey said I should go shooting so that will probably happen early this week.

What did you do to prepare this week?

A few things to share just to clear out some tabs:

Teotwawki Blog noted that CDNN investments has (had anyway) PTR-91's at sane prices.

They also linked to an excellent site that makes it super easy to write all of your federal or state representatives in one shot (instead of looking them up and wading through their websites). So click on this link and tell them what you think about the current hysteria and the Second Amendment in general. If you are not sure what to say Ruger put together an excellent blanket letter. Send it to your federal and state reps today. I did and it took like 5 minutes.

Apparently 100k people joined the NRA in the last 18 days. I was one of those. If you are not a member join the NRA today. They are not as extreme (in a good way) as GOA but they actually have clout. Join GOA also if it makes you happy.

$19 30 rd AR mags IN STOCK. I can't vouch for this company or the mags but if you need AR mags at this stage in the game beggars cannot be choosers.


highdesertlivin said...

Well, put 20 acres under contract in montana ,got my backordered rcbs loading kit. As I have 6 defensive long guns Ive put my M1A socom in the paper w 6 mags, basically to spread my financial exposure. Good choice on concealed carry choice. A j frame in 357 is always easy to pack, and always goes boom.take care

Chris said...

Time to sign up your wife and kids for NRA too!

Associate memberships cost $10.

Regular ones cost $25 with a free $25 bass pro card in return. That's "free" if I'm doing my math correctly.

You're in the southwest, so you can probably get a voter ID, driver's license and SSN for Dog, so maybe you can get five members in your household. :-P

Lee said...

Hey guy, appreciate your site. Not taking anything from the Solo stove, but if you're a DIY kind of guy,YouTube has a pretty cool #10 can and soup can project for a DIY stove.
Congratulations on child 2. My wife told me the only thing worse than 2 boys is 3 boys.

Chris said...

Finished the setup of the reloading bench and equipment after moving. Ordered more factory ammunition for rainier days. This week's plans, who knows...

Ryan said...

highdesertlivin, Very nice! I thought about selling a rifle but decided against it. If we had 2-3 more on inventory I would have.

Chris, That is possible.

Lee, There are options like that out there. Personally I do not want to rely on an old tin can to cook my food in an emergency. YMMV.

Chris, Nice!

Aesop said...

Two comments:
"a cheapo first aid kit"...?
Okay, on a subject near and dear to my profession, one oughtn't to scrimp on what might actually save their life. Something is better than nothing, but what passes for "something" from most kit makers makes "shoddy" too nice a word, and can be upgraded to pretty outstanding with minimal upgrades. And don't forget that EDC FAK may not be used on you, but on a family member or friend.

Second "Wifey said I should go shooting".

You sir, are a man truly and richly blessed.

Best Regards,

Ryan said...

Aesop, This is still in development. Simple might have been a better term than cheapo. A few bandaids, some other stuff. Really just something for boo boo's. We keep better kits in the house and car as well as heavier bags. Will take a closer look at it and maybe revisit the subject.

Yes I am.

Eric said...

Those mags should be G2G - they are from Israel and used in the Tavor and any rifle using standard USGI mags.

They are steel so about 50% heavier than the usual aluminum mags but if it's all someone can get it's far better than nothing.

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