Sunday, January 20, 2013

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

Earlier this week I went shooting testing a variety of things and working on the zero on my rifle. At Good Will I picked up a pair of line new USGI desert boots with the rippled vibram sole. They are a half size too big but you can never have too many boots and the price of $15 was right. An AR-15 stripped lower receiver came to live with us. Picked up a hundred rounds of American Eagle 9mm FMJ and 100 rounds of excellent CCI Velocitor .22lr that has been totally unavailable for a couple of weeks. Also grabbed a few little things, some OTC meds and packets of instant coffee for my BOB.

All in all a darn good week here. Pretty 2A oriented but that is to be expected these days.

What did you do to prepare this week?


LyndaKay said...

I inventoried all of our fire starting tools/supplies and saw where we are deficient. Will test them all next weekend when we burn some brush. Heading to the dollar store for some bins to hold the zipper bags full of candles, lighters, matches, lint-stuffed tubes, etc.

highdesertlivin said...

My 500 rounds of fioche 62 gr arrived, as well as my 223 rcbs dyes.I opened the box of rounds and it seemed like a small chest of spanish gold.Oh ,and 50 rds of .38 special.

redneck721 said...

Had a gun show this week end and picked up a marlin 60 in 22 lr with a decent scope for 120 bucks took it out and it shot great allso picked up a 500 brick of 22lr Winchester for 30 bucks also picked up a Taurus pt709 for 240 bucks I was shocked to fined it for that price the local reloader was there and picked up 500 rounds of 9mm for 130bucks he sold out not long after that was Perry much it this week

Anonymous said...

I spent the night out in the woods of northern Wisconsin. Me and a couple friends tested our steel in makeshift shelters. Pretty cold, pretty fun, pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Great price on those boots - yes, finding military surplus at SA used clothing is much less cost, sometimes with very little (or no) wear at all.

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