Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Great Book and a Terrible Light

I have been reading Max Velocity's new book Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises. I am very impressed, the book is downright awesome. Will do a full review but to save you some time just buy it. Onto a less pleasant subject.

The LED Lenser P3 AFS flashlight I have been carrying around. I didn't link to it because somebody might not read this carefully and end up buying this piece of junk. I got the small 1 AAA version which in fairness may be part of the problem.

The only nice things I have to say about this product are that it is small and looks like it's well made. However looks can be deceiving.  This light has a lot of show and very little go. Maybe if they put a bit more energy into making the light actually work instead of making it look like a quality product this review would be different.

The run time could be measured in seconds. Also the darn thing will just run out of batteries spontaneously without even being used. Can't count how many times I have grabbed it to use and found it dead. There are more problems.

The pocket clip has fallen off leaving it floating in my pocket. The darn adjustable front piece somehow worked its way off once. Basically pieces fall off the darn thing randomly.

I would use it as a backup but since it (even turned off) goes through batteries like Charley Sheen through coke and hookers it wouldn't even work to live in the glove box of a car or something.

My expectations would be very different if it was a $15 light but it isn't. This piece of junk cost me about $40 (can't remember exactly) which puts it in range of a lot of many Streamlight and a couple Surefire offerings. Offerings I should have purchased instead. At this price point for a stupid flashlight it should frickin work.

Can't say everything made by these folks sucks thought I will be avoiding it all. In any case I can say the LED Lenser P3 AFS definitely sucks a lot. This is a firm do not buy.

Does anybody have a smallish flashlight with a pocket clip they have been using for awhile that actually works? In a perfect world if would be reasonably affordable.


Anonymous said...

Aesop said...

I've been carrying the same Mag-lite Solitaire (1 AAA) since the 1994 Northridge Quake (consider being on the john in a hospital during a power failure from an earthquake at 0431 hours, and you'll carry a light everywhere too). It's not a Surefire, but it's a great find the keyhole/make my way across a darkened room light. I use it infrequently, but it sits on my keychain and only requires a new battery every 6-8 months. I think I changed bulbs twice in that time. Haven't looked to see if they've updated it with an LED version. Hopefully they have, but frankly, this one works fine as is, even though the outside is pretty banged around from my keys over nearly 20 years , so I haven't bothered to check. It's just under 3 1/4" long, and any slip-on pen clip from an actual pen would probably make it a pocket clip light instead of a keyring light in about 2 seconds.

riverrider said...

i have the photon lights clipped everywhere. they have never let me down. fenix if you want something bigger, but why?

Commander_Zero said...

I've been really impressed with Fenix 105 Lumens Flashlight. Been very pleased with it so far.

Sideburns said...

I've been carrying the Four Sevens Mini M2A since I bought it during the black friday sales. It's held up well so far and works well with eneloop batteries. I prefer the user interface of their Pro lineup to the Mini. I've seen mostly positive reviews on their Preon line up as well.

I also picked up the Quark Pro QPL and Quark Turbo QB2L-X at the same time. Both excellent lights as well.

jdwortl said...

I second CZ's endorsement of the Fenix E11 (105 Lumens Flashlight). It does not have the pocket clip you asked for, but it is small enough to stash in a pocket of your jacket or sweatpants and not know it is there unless you need it. I have two, and have only put one AA battery in each so far (purchased the 1st one in October).

Anonymous said...

Might be a little bigger than the single cell lights, but I'm quite taken with the ATAC PLx by 5.11. Two aaa batteries and more or less 90 lumens. Push button tail cap gives momentary flash or click for full on. Had it nearly two years, it's been bullet proof and on second set of batteries.

That said, I've had good service from the Fenix line as well.


Hestur Bleikur said...

I carry the Fenix LD01 and it has a clip and a key ring attachment. I also carry a Photon on my key chain that works great.

TacSKS said...

Streamlight Protac 2L has been working well for me. 180 lumens and a nice picket clip.

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