Sunday, February 3, 2013

EDC Contest Entry #27 Levi on the Farm

Hey Folks, I am pleased to bring another entry for our EDC Contest. First we will quickly recap what is going on. The broad strokes are this. I want to share and discuss the stuff we carry around every day AKA EDC. Taking pictures of our stuff and talking about it is my goal.

The prizes will be as follows:
1st Place: 3 Sport Berkey Water Bottles donated by LPC Survival ($69 value)
2nd Place: 1 Blackhawk Holster donated by ($50 value)
3rd Place:  1 Snare-Vival-Trap cough garote cough donated by Camping Survival ($17 value)

Wildcard: This one goes to whoever I want to give it to for whatever reason I feel like. It will be a grab bag donated by yours truly. The exact makeup is TBD depending on what I have lying around  and may include books, gear, medical stuff or even a couple silver dimes. ($30+  value)

Check out the details and my example post here. 

 Onto Entry #27

Hey, I enjoy the blog. Here is my EDC submission.

Pistol: Italian made 6 shot .22 SA revolver. Unlike most other people’s EDC gun, mine isn’t primarily for human problems. I live and work on a large fruit and vegetable farm, and we have some livestock too. Much of my EDC is based heavily on that. It is mostly for problem varmints, as well as for putting down hogs or goats at butchering time. As you can see with the pictured holster, I open carry, as we are permitted to do here in Ohio. I know where it is and is not a good idea to open carry, and I tend to avoid those that are a bad idea altogether. But I do occasionally take it off and leave it in the truck. The holster has loops for 25 spare hollow points.

Knife: Schrade 152 belt knife with homemade deep sheath. It is an inexpensive little knife, but it is full tang, high carbon, and takes and holds an edge well. Frequently use it to cut hay bales, skin and gut while butchering, and any number of other every day tasks. It’s low cost allows me to not worry about breaking it if I do something like use it as a chisel on frozen water tanks, but it hasn’t broken on me yet. I also carry a folding disposable razor type knife for jobs that may tear up the fine edge on my Schrade. It is pink because it seems less likely that it will end up in someone else’s pocket that way.

Multi-tool: Leatherman Wave. I use it all the time for innumerable tasks.

Small vice-grip style pliers: a great backup when you need more than just the pliers on the Wave.

Light: El cheapo LED single AA made by Gander Mountain. It does a great job, I use it pretty much every day and generally only need to replace the single battery once a month.

Lighter: right now I carry a plain Jane Zippo. I have vacillated between the Zippo and the Bic for a while now, but I think I have decided on the Zippo. I used to not like it because of how quick the fuel would evaporate. That has been solved by fitting a tight ranger band around the joint between the lid and the base, and it now goes weeks without refilling. I like it better for fire starting because you don’t need to have your thumb on it while trying to get a stubborn fire to light.

Fire Steel: great backup to the Zippo. I stuff a little dryer lint in the bottom of my flashlight/leatherman/firesteel/vice-grip carrying pouch, it lights great with the fire steel.

Wallet: the usual, plus a credit card sized diamond knife sharpener made by DMT. It is great to put the razor edge back on the Schrade. Wallet is homemade, because I wear thru commercially made ones too quick. I figure if I made it in the first place, I can fix it easy enough.

Phone: Verison GzOne. Their version of a military grade phone. Water, dust, shock resistant. Has a good compass, thermometer, calendar, and note pad that I use a lot. Has taken a dunk in the creek plenty, and still works great.
Bandana: last but not least, I typically wear this on my head to protect from sunburn, but if I am not wearing it there, I have it tied around my wrist to keep it handy and out of the way. Have used it for soaking in water to cool my neck, as a bandage, or as a coffee filter, among other things.
Thanks for the blog and the contest.

Keep your powder dry,



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Anonymous said...

I really like those old Schrade Sharpfingers, they are comfortable to use and don't get in the way. Really good steel.

Good use of a .22lr handgun, I definitely see you needing them when working on a farm. I was curious - does that holster / belt combination get in your way ? I've never owned one before and it appears it would.

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